Dear all my Friends,
I can hardly wait to share my amazing and good holiday with you. We have a cool holiday in sailing.
First, let me introduce our city with you.
Xiamen-our living city. It's a seaport, China's economic, finicial, terade and shipping center, a large trade business base in foregin trade port. We love Xiamen very much. So welcome to visit our beautiful city. Oue city have Marina,many tourists vist everyday.
Then, introduction to Sailing.
Sailing is both a fun recreation and serious sport. Regardless of the many differences in size and type, all sailboats work the same way to harness the wind for propulsion. Learn how sailboats work, common types of sailboats, and where people go to sail.
Finally, share our sailing holiday. Look at the picture. Our team are so happy and full of energy. Welcome to XMGT, welcome to Xiamen.Sharing our happiness and energy with you.