Hydraulic cylinder Hydraulic cylinder,PC200,Komatsu

Item Code:Hydraulic cylinder,PC200,Komatsu Features:Hydraulic cylinders for excavator and bulldozer
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Boom cylinder

Arm cylinder

Bucket cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder



  Hydraulic Cylinder
Machine type Hitachi Excavator
Specification EX220-5
Part number 9159316
Material  40MnB
Surface Hardness 45-55HRC
Life guarantee 2000 working hours 
  or 1 year 
Quality Certification ISO9002 & ISO14002
Technology Forgin
Color Yellow
Weight 295kgs
Packing  1pcs in one Pallets
Unit Price USD USD770.0-1240.0
Models for Hydraulic Cylinders
SH200A1 Arm Cylinder
SH200A1 Boom Cylinder
SH200A1 Bucket Cylinder
SH200A2 Boom Cylinder
SH200A2 Bucket Cylinder
SH200A3 Boom Cylinder
SH200A3 Bucket Cylinder
SH300 Arm Cylinder
SH300 Bucket Cylinder
SH300A2 Boom Cylinder
E70 Boom Cylinder
E120 Boom Cylinder
E200B Arm Cylinder
E200B Boom Cylinder
E200B Bucket Cylinder
E240 Boom Cylinder
E300B Arm Cylinder
E300B Boom Cylinder
E300B Bucket Cylinder
E312 Boom Cylinder
E312 Bucket Cylinder
E312B Boom Cylinder
E312B Bucket Cylinder
E320 Arm Cylinder
E320 Boom Cylinder
E320 Bucket Cylinder
E320B Arm Cylinder
E320B Boom Cylinder
E320B Bucket Cylinder
E320C Arm Cylinder
E320C Boom Cylinder
E320C Bucket Cylinder
E322 Bucket Cylinder
E325 Boom Cylinder
E325B Bucket Cylinder
E330L Arm Cylinder
E330L Boom Cylinder
E330L Bucket Cylinder
E330B Arm Cylinder
E330B Boom Cylinder
E330B Bucket Cylinder
E330C Arm Cylinder
E330C Boom Cylinder
E330C Bucket Cylinder
E450 Arm Cylinder
PC40-5 Bucket Cylinder
PC60-6 Boom Cylinder
PC60-7 Boom Cylinder
PW60-5 Arm Cylinder
PW60-5 Boom Cylinder
PW60-5 Bucket Cylinder
PC100-5 Boom Cylinder
PC100-5 Bucket Cylinder
PC120-5 Arm Cylinder
PC120-5 Boom Cylinder
PC120-5 Bucket Cylinder
PC120-6 Arm Cylinder
PC120-6 Boom Cylinder
PC120-6 Bucket Cylinder
PC150-5 Boom Cylinder
PC200-3 Arm Cylinder
PC200-3 Boom Cylinder
PC200-3 Bucket Cylinder
PC200-5 Arm Cylinder
PC200-5 Boom Cylinder
PC200-5 Bucket Cylinder
PC200-6 Arm Cylinder
PC200-6 Boom Cylinder
PC200-6 Bucket Cylinder
PC200-7 Arm Cylinder
PC200-7 Boom Cylinder
PC200-7 Bucket Cylinder
PC220-3 Boom Cylinder
PC220-5 Boom Cylinder
PC220-6 Boom Cylinder
PC220-6 Bucket Cylinder
PC220-7 Boom Cylinder
PC220-7 Bucket Cylinder
PC300-3 Arm Cylinder
PC300-5 Arm Cylinder
PC300-5 Boom Cylinder
PC300-5 Bucket Cylinder
PC300-6 Arm Cylinder
PC300-6 Boom Cylinder
PC300-6 Bucket Cylinder
PC350-6 Arm Cylinder
PC350-6 Boom Cylinder
PC350-6 Bucket Cylinder
PC360-7 Arm Cylinder
PC360-7 Boom Cylinder
PC360-7 Bucket Cylinder
PC400-5 Boom Cylinder
PC400-6 Arm Cylinder
PC400-6 Boom Cylinder
PC400-6 Bucket Cylinder
PC450-6 Arm Cylinder
PC450-6 Boom Cylinder
PC400-3 Boom Cylinder
PC75 Boom Cylinder
PC210-6 Boom Cylinder
PC210-6 Bucket Cylinder
R200-5 Arm Cylinder
R200-5 Boom Cylinder
R200-5 Bucket Cylinder
R200LC Arm Cylinder
R200LC Boom Cylinder
R200LC Bucket Cylinder
R210-5 Arm Cylinder
R210-5 Boom Cylinder
R210-5 Bucket Cylinder
R220-5 Arm Cylinder
R220-5 Boom Cylinder
R220-5 Bucket Cylinder
R220-5LC Arm Cylinder
R220-5LC Boom Cylinder
R220-5LC Bucket Cylinder
R225-7 Arm Cylinder
R225-7 Boom Cylinder
R225-7 Bucket Cylinder
R280 Bucket Cylinder
R300 Arm Cylinder
R450-5 Boom Cylinder
R924 Boom Cylinder
DH55-5 Arm Cylinder
DH55-5 Boom Cylinder
DH55-5 Bucket Cylinder
DH130 Bucket Cylinder
DH220-3 Boom Cylinder
DH220-5 Arm Cylinder
DH220-5 Boom Cylinder
DH220-5 Bucket Cylinder
DH225-7 Arm Cylinder
DH225-7 Boom Cylinder
DH225-7 Bucket Cylinder
DH280 Boom Cylinder
DH300 Boom Cylinder
DH300 Bucket Cylinder
EX60-2 Arm Cylinder
EX60-2 Boom Cylinder
EX60-2 Bucket Cylinder
EX60-3 Boom Cylinder
EX60-3 Bucket Cylinder
EX120-A2 Boom Cylinder
EX120-3 Boom Cylinder
EX200-1 Arm Cylinder
EX200-1 Boom Cylinder
EX200-1 Bucket Cylinder
EX200-2 Arm Cylinder
EX200-2 Boom Cylinder
EX200-2 Bucket Cylinder
EX200-3 Arm Cylinder
EX200-3 Boom Cylinder
EX200-3 Bucket Cylinder
EX200-5 Arm Cylinder
EX200-5 Boom Cylinder
EX200-5 Bucket Cylinder
EX220-5 Boom Cylinder
EX220-5 Bucket Cylinder
EX300-3 Boom Cylinder
EX300-5 Arm Cylinder
EX300-5 Boom Cylinder
EX300-5 Bucket Cylinder
EX350-5 Arm Cylinder
EX350-5 Boom Cylinder
EX350-5 Bucket Cylinder
EX400-3 Arm Cylinder
UH07-7 Boom Cylinder
UH07-7 Bucket Cylinder
ZAX 200 Boom Cylinder
ZAX 200 Bucket Cylinder
ZAX 210 Boom Cylinder
ZAX 230 Boom Cylinder
ZAX 230 Bucket Cylinder
ZAX 240 Boom Cylinder
ZAX 240 Bucket Cylinder
ZAX 330 Arm Cylinder
ZAX 330 Boom Cylinder
ZAX 330 Bucket Cylinder
EX200-7 Boom Cylinder
EX200-7 Bucket Cylinder
HD700-7 Arm Cylinder
HD700-7 Boom Cylinder
HD700-7 Bucket Cylinder
HD800-7 Arm Cylinder
HD800-7 Boom Cylinder
HD800-7 Bucket Cylinder
HD820 Boom Cylinder
HD820 Bucket Cylinder
SK60 Boom Cylinder
SK60 Bucket Cylinder
SK100-3 Bucket Cylinder
SK120-1 Boom Cylinder
SK120-3 Bucket Cylinder
SK200-1 Arm Cylinder
SK200-1 Boom Cylinder
SK200-1 Bucket Cylinder
SK200-3 Arm Cylinder
SK200-3 Boom Cylinder
SK200-3 Bucket Cylinder
SK200-5 Arm Cylinder
SK200-5 Boom Cylinder
SK200-5 Bucket Cylinder
SK200-6 Arm Cylinder
SK200-6 Bucket Cylinder
SK200-6E Arm Cylinder
SK200-6E Boom Cylinder
SK200-6E Bucket Cylinder
SK200-7 Bucket Cylinder
SK220-3 Boom Cylinder
SK220-3 Bucket Cylinder
SK220-5 Bucket Cylinder
SK230 Boom Cylinder
SK230 Bucket Cylinder
SK230-6 Boom Cylinder
SK230-6 Bucket Cylinder
SK235 Boom Cylinder
SK235 Bucket Cylinder
SK250-8 Boom Cylinder
SK250-8 Bucket Cylinder
SK200-8 Boom Cylinder
SK200-8 Bucket Cylinder

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