Bobcat 337 Part No.965260 Bobcat 337 Part No.965260

Item Code:Bobcat 337 Part No.965260 Features:Bobcat 337 Part No.965260 KOMATSU PC75UU-2 Part No.20T-30-00080 HYUNDAI R2900, R2800 Part No.81E5-2002
  • Description

1.Bobcat 337 track rollers Information





40MnB round steer bar




Black or Cat yellow


Forging casting

Surface Hardness


Warranty time

2000 hour



FOB Price

FOB Xiamen USD



Delivery Time

Within 30 days after contract established


2. Design / Structure / Details Pics




Advantages / Features:


1. through quench-tempering processes to guarantee excellent mechanical properties,high strength and superior wear resistence to bending and breakage.
2. surface hardness HBN460 for reduced wear and longer life, adding value to your products further to your business by maximizing durability of your products.
3. precise design, carefully manufactured for proper fix easy grousering
heavy loaded capacity up to 50tons without compromising proper functioning of the excavators
reliable quality, high cost performance,quality services.Our products,your best choice.



3. Our factory View





4.Track roller workflow




5. Certificates





6.Product list/parts No.



Item Makers Machine model Genuie parts No. Berco No. Our drawing No. Weight(kg)
Track Roller Bobcat  337 6815129     14.1
Track Roller KOBELCO   PH64D00010F1   10T0134AY2 10.8
Track Roller KOBELCO SK045     10T0156AY2 9.4
Track Roller KOBELCO SK60-1(rubber) 24100N6734F1   10T0004AY2 14.3
Track Roller KOBELCO SK60-1(steel) 24100N6292F2   10T0004AY2 14.3
Track Roller KOBELCO SK60-2 LE64D00001F1/2   10T0231AY2 14.0
Track Roller KOBELCO K904E 24100N2925F1   10T0077AY2 26.2
Track Roller KOBELCO SK100-1/SK120-1 24100N4042F2 KB100 10T0048AY2 25.0
Track Roller KOBELCO K903 24100N2969F1   10T0193AY2 16.5
Track Roller KOBELCO K907B B90N0059F6 KB1 10T0107AY2 36.7
Track Roller KOBELCO K907C/SK07 24100J6400F2   10T0031AY2 36.0
Track Roller KOBELCO SK09-N2 24100J6186F1   10T0046AY2 42.7
Track Roller KOBELCO SK200-1 24100N5947F2 KB150 10T0025AY2 35.0
Track Roller KOBELCO SK220-1 24100J11696F3   10T0047AY2 45.5
Track Roller KOBELCO SK200-2,3 24100N8009F2   10T0022AY2 35.0
Track Roller KOBELCO SK200-5,6 YN64D00013F1   10T0022AY2 35.0
Track Roller KOBELCO SK235 SR-1 YN64D00013F1   10T0022AY2 35.0
Track Roller KOBELCO SK300-1 24100N3856F3 KB300 10T0037AY2 56.4
Track Roller KOBELCO SK310-2,3 24100N7032F1   10T0002AY2 68.0
Track Roller KOBELCO SK330-6 LC64D00005F1 SI1000 10T0132AY2 57.5
Track Roller KOBELCO SK200-5,6 YN64D00019F1   10T0135AY2 35.0
Track Roller KOBELCO SK400-4 24100J4396F5   10T0275AY2 85.5
Carrier Roller KOBELCO SK30/SK42 24100N6291F3/LE64D01006F1   10C0077AY3 4.5
Carrier Roller KOBELCO SK100-13/SK120-13 24100N4038F2 KB100TR 10C0004AY2 8.0
Carrier Roller KOBELCO SK07-1/SK09-1 24100N2110F1   10C0001AY2 13.5
Carrier Roller KOBELCO SK07-N2/SK09-N2 24100N4057F1   10C0049AY2 18.5
Carrier Roller KOBELCO SK200-13/SK220-3 24100N5946F2   10C0002AY2 15.8
Carrier Roller KOBELCO SK220-1,2 24100N6194F1   10C0010AY2 18.0
Carrier Roller KOBELCO SK200-6 YN64D01022F0   10C0021AY2 21.8
Carrier Roller KOBELCO SK300-1 24100N3841F2 KB300TR 10C0011AY2 19.5
Carrier Roller KOBELCO SK300-2,3 24100N7035F1 SI1015 10C0052AY2 31.5
Front Idler KOBELCO SK200-3,5 24100N5948F2   10F0036AY1 101.0
Front Idler KOBELCO SK300,SK300LC LC52DU0001F1   10F0034AY1 142.6
Track Roller SUMITOMO SH100/SH120 KNA0242/KNA0532   10T0079AY2 25.5
Track Roller SUMITOMO SH120-3 KNA0693   10T0263AY2 21.8
Track Roller SUMITOMO SH200(outer) KRA1189   10T0036AY2 35.0
Track Roller SUMITOMO SH200(inner) KRA1190   10T0078AY2 36.0
Track Roller SUMITOMO SH220(outer) KBA0869   10T0269AY2 43.2
Track Roller SUMITOMO SH220(inner) KBA0870   10T0270AY2 44.2
Track Roller SUMITOMO SH220-2(outer) KBA1047/KBA0432   10T0269AY2 43.2
Track Roller SUMITOMO SH220-2(inner) KBA1050/KBA0433   10T0270AY2 44.2
Track Roller SUMITOMO LS-2800FJ/FJ2(outer) KRA0781 LK29 10T0290AY2 35.0
Track Roller SUMITOMO LS-2800FJ/FJ2(inner) KRA0785 LK30 10T0291AY2 36.0
Track Roller SUMITOMO LS-4300/SH300(inner) KSA0672 LK59 10T0161AY2 52.8
Track Roller SUMITOMO LS-4300/SH300(outer) KSA0671 LK58 10T0162AY2 53.0
Track Roller SUMITOMO LS-5800/SH400(inner) KTA0674   10T0262AY2 68.6
Track Roller SUMITOMO LS-5800/SH400(outer) KTA0673   10T0261AY2 69.1
Track Roller SUMITOMO SH250-3/SH330-3/CX360 KSA1068   10T0386AY2 60.3
Carrier Roller SUMITOMO SH330-3/SH350-3 KBA1141   10C0116AY2 42.0
Front Idler SUMITOMO CX360     10F0040AY1 171.8
Track Roller JCB-SUMITOMO 805   MU5003 10T0240AY2 12.4
Carrier Roller SUMITOMO SH100/SH120 KNA0592/KNA0625   10C0039AY2 13.9
Carrier Roller SUMITOMO SH200/SH220 KRA1251/KRA1302   10C0009AY2 16.7
Carrier Roller SUMITOMO LS2600/LS2800 KRA1267 LK31 10C0069AY2 16.4
Carrier Roller SUMITOMO SH300/LS4300F2/C2/JS KTA0958 LK60 10C0008AY2 34.0
Carrier Roller SUMITOMO LS5800F2/C2/JS KTA0958 LK60 10C0008AY2 34.0
Front Idler SUMITOMO SH200 KRA1198   10F0035AY1 85.1
Track Roller KATO HD250 767-50800100   10T0007AY2 11.9
Track Roller KATO HD700 547-50800110   10T0017AY2 36.8
Track Roller KATO HD820 707-50800101   10T0017AY2 36.8
Track Roller KATO HD1023 737-50800101   10T0017AY2 36.8
Track Roller KATO HD1250 587-50800100   10T0095AY2 50.3
Carrier Roller KATO HD700 187-50600100   10C0007AY2 19.8
Carrier Roller KATO HD1250 107-50600110   10C0044AY2 38.8
Track Roller HYUNDAI R200 E181-2002-KW   10T0001AY2 41.2
Track Roller HYUNDAI R290 81E5-2002   10T0045AY2 51.5
Track Roller HYUNDAI R290LC-7 81N8-11010   10T0145AY2 52.3
Carrier Roller HYUNDAI R290 81E5-2003-KW   10C0031AY2 35.0
Track Roller SAMSUNG SE130LC 1081-01580 PC377 10T0088AY2 34.7
Track Roller SAMSUNG SE210-2 1081-03680 KL18 10T0348AY2 40.3
Track Roller SAMSUNG SE280 1081-03871 KM1429 10T0188AY2 53.7
Carrier Roller SAMSUNG SE130LC 1081-01670   10C0059AY2 19.0
Carrier Roller SAMSUNG SE210-3 1030-50030   10C0029AY2 32.8
Carrier Roller SAMSUNG SE280-2 1081-01030   10C0034AY2 29.5
Carrier Roller SAMSUNG SE350LC 1081-01820   10C0103AY2 37.1
Track Roller DAEWOO DH280.320 2270-9401A LH696 10T0221AY2 52.4
Carrier Roller DAEWOO DH130 2270-1062   10C0080AY2 18.2
Carrier Roller DAEWOO DH200LC/DH220LC 2270-1005   10C0030AY2 29.8
Track Roller P-CASE POCLAIN 170CKB/1488C Q1642329   10T0067AY2 68.8
Track Roller P-CASE POCLAIN 300CK L1442386   10T0244AY2 101.1
Track Roller YANMAR VIO15 Z172448-3030   10T0163AY3 3.83
Track Roller YANMAR B7-3, VIO075, VIO070-2 172478-37300   10T0229AY2 18.90
Track Roller YANMAR B50V VA61500   10T0379AY2 12.70
Track Roller YANMAR C50R SF     10T0192AY2 23.80
Track Roller TAKEUCHI L6A LESSER 08801-30100   10T0185AY2 19.00
Track Roller TAKEUCHI L6A BIGGISH 08801-35600   10T0189AY2 35.50
Track Roller TAKEUCHI L9A LESSER 08811-30500     21.50
Track Roller TAKEUCHI L9A BIGGISH 08801-31300     35.90
Front Idler TAKEUCHI L6A 08801-40000   10F0020AY1 30.00
Front Idler TAKEUCHI L9A 08811-40300     44.30
Track Roller KUBOTA KX41-2     10T0256AY2 4.83
Track Roller KUBOTA KX41-3     10T0195AY3 4.50
Track Roller KUBOTA KX91-2     10T0254AY2 8.33
Track Roller KUBOTA KX101 68651-21700   10T0258AY2 7.60
Track Roller KUBOTA KX121-2     10T0255AY2 8.84
Track Roller KUBOTA KH191 68493-21700   10T0257AY2 12.40
Carrier Roller KUBOTA KX101     10C0102AY3 3.40
Track Roller IHI D028 LESSER F60305500   10T0242AY2 19.1
Track Roller IHI D028 BIGGISH F60305600   10T0243AY2 36.1
Front Idler IHI D028 F60305800   10F0030AY1 44.50
SPROCKET IHI D028 F60305700   10S0009SP2 20.90
SPROCKET IHI D028 D23401900   10S0009SP3 20.90
Track Roller JOHN DEERE 120 AT166891 HT49 10T0160AY2 23.7
Track Roller JOHN DEERE JD690B AT38206 PC377 10T0088AY2 34.7
Track Roller JOHN DEERE 690E AT152078 ID856 10T0218AY2 34.0
Track Roller JOHN DEERE 330LC AT250257 LH696 10T0221AY2 52.4
Carrier Roller JOHN DEERE 200LC AT152079 ID861 10C0022AY2 19.6
Carrier Roller JOHN DEERE 330LC AT250248 FT2784 10C0032AY2 22.8
Track Roller O&K RH12C 788479 OK400 10T0196AY2 40.20
Track Roller O&K RH20 044326 OK682 10T0212AY2 78.00
Track Roller O&K RH6 902236   10T0385AY2 34.70
Track Roller LIBEHERR R922HD 5601-352 KL18 10T0214AY2 40.2
Track Roller LIBEHERR R981 5601-511 WS39 10T0241AY2 124.2
Track Roller LEEBOY 8500 PAVERS   VA576 10T0223AY2 11.6
Track Roller VOLVO EC290 14527315   10T0186AY2 52.0
Carrier Roller VOLVO EC290 14527126   10C0088AY2 28.3
Carrier Roller VOLVO EC210 14528559   10C0087AY2 22.5
Track Roller   U9048   VA380 10T0238AY2 16.2
Carrier Roller       FT3628 10C0082AY3 6.0
Front Idler       VA1314 10F0017AY0 44.6
Front Idler         10F0039AY1 47.40
Carrier Roller   SANY 20T  20Y-30-00022   10C0006AY2 21.80
Carrier Roller   SANY 30T  207-30-00140   10C0015AY2 34.30
Track Roller   SANY  20T  20Y-30-00014   10T0294AY2 35.90
Track Roller   SANY 30T  207-30-00150   10T0014AY2 51.50
Track Roller   XG60H-05000     10T0380AY2 11.6
Track Roller   SK120V,VS/SK120-5 LP64D00004F1   10T0391AY2 25.8
Track Roller   HD1880     10T0383AY2 54.2
Track Roller   RL4000 A14060E0Y00   10T0392AY2 52.4
Track Roller KUBOTA KH027     10T0394AY2 7.3


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