Fit for CAT bulldozer track link,CAT dozer track chain D2,D3B,D3C,D4D,D4E,D4H,D5,D5H

  • Fit for CAT bulldozer track link,CAT dozer track chain
  • Fit for CAT bulldozer track link,CAT dozer track chain
Item Code:D2,D3B,D3C,D4D,D4E,D4H,D5,D5H Features:bulldozer undercarriage Track link assembly : track chain :35MnB Gurantee:2000 working hours
  • Description

1.CAT track link assembly.







Black or yellow


Forging casting

Surface Hardness




Warranty time

1000 hours



FOB Price

FOB Xiamen USD 10-40/Piece


2 piece

Delivery Time

Within 15-20 days after contract established

2. Design / Structure / Details Pics.

3D PRO/E Design.FEA and perfect technology of modeling can match customer's extreme request,and optimize the profile of the same time,

the precise design of products can provide optimal choice of raw material efficiency to customers.

3.Testing product laboratory



5.Production equipment

6.Item list for T/LINK(Bulldozer)


CATERPILLAR D2 LINK(35L) 1/2 155.57 KU039-N2-35 LH1/35 6B7253 F01020C0M00035
    LINK(35L) 9/16 155.57 KU039-N0-35 AK13   F01020B0M00035
  D3B LINK(39L) 155.57 KU040-P0-39 CR3657 6S8685 E0103000M00039
  D3C LINK(36L, SPLIT) 155.57 KU040-S0-36 CR4749 6Y1171 D01030C1M00039
    LINK(36L, LUB) 155.57 KU040-L0-36 CR4746 6Y1339 G01030E0M00036
  D4D LINK(38L, STD)5/8 171.45 KU041-P0-38 CR2849 2V2262 E01040E0M00038
    LINK(36L, STD)9/16 171.45   CR2567 7K2049 E01040F0M00036
  D4E LINK(36L, SPLIT) 171.45 KU041-S0-35 CR3628 1V7072 D0104000M00036
    LINK(38L, LUB) 171.45 KU041-L0-38 CR3519 1V4607 GZ1430B1M00038
  D4H LINK(39L, LUB) 171.5 KU046-L0-39 CR5192 3T0352 G01040H2M00039
  D5 LINK(39L, STD) 175.4 KU042-P0-39 CR2823 5S0816 E01050C0M00039
    LINK(39L, SPLIT) 175.4 LU042-S0-39 CR3627 3P5757 DZ153001M00039
    LINK(39L, LUB) 175.4 KU042-L0-39 CR3520 3P3885 GZ1530B1M00039
  D5H LINK(37L, LUB) 190 KU047-L0-37 CR4805 6Y3595 G01050H2M00037
  D6 LINK(40L, STD) 171.5 KU063-W0-40 CR1998 2S7570 E01060E0M00040
  D6H LINK(39L, LUB) 202.8 KU048-L0-39 CR4810 6Y3519 G01060H2M00039
  D6C/D LINK(36L, STD) 203.2 KU043-W0-36 CR3176 7S9568 EZ163001M00036
    LINK(36L, SPLIT) 203.2 KU043-S0-36 CR3307 3P1088 DZ163001M00036
    LINK(36L, LUB) 203.2 KU043-L0-36 CR3309 3P1118 GZ1630C2M00036
  D7H LINK(40L, LUB) 215.9 KU049-L0-40 CR5069 6Y1141 G01070H200040
  D7G LINK(49L, STD) 215.9 KU044-W1-49 CR4235 8E4274 EY4078A0M00049
    LINK(38L, STD) 215.9 KU044-W0-38 CR2576 8S2607 E01730D0M00038
    LINK(38L, SPLIT) 215.9 KU044-S0-38 CR3308 3P0955 D01730D0M00038
    LINK(38L, LUB) 215.9 KU044-L0-38 CR3116 3P0629 G01730E0M00038
  D8H,K LINK(41L, STD) 229 KU045-W0-41 CR2877 7S9186 E01080P0M00041
    LINK(41L, SPLIT) 229 KU045-S0-41 CR2701 8S0396 D01080D0M00041
    LINK(41L, LUB) 229 KU045-L0-41 CR3149 2P9492 G01080E0M00041
  D8N(D8R) LINK(44L, LUB) 215.9 KU034-L0-44 CR4525 6Y1136 G01080R0M00044
  D9G/H LINK(39L, STD) 260.4 KU035-W0-39 CR2154 1P1531 E0109000M00039
    LINK(39L, SPLIT) 260.4 KU035-S0-39 CR2672 8S1731 D0109000M00039
    LINK(39L, LUB) 260.4 KU035-L0-39 CR3153 2P9426 G0109000M00039
  D9N LINK(43L, LUB) 240 KU036-L0-43 CR4653 6Y1130 G01090N0M00043
  D10N LINK(44L, LUB) NON PPR 260 KU037-L0-44   8E7928 G01100M0M00044
    LINK(44L, LUB)PPR   KU037-L1-44 CR5038 6Y2058 G01100N0M00044
  D4E-EWL/943 LINK(38L, LUB) 171.07 KU041-E0-38 CR4261 7T4629 GZ1430A1M00038
  D5B-EWL/953 LINK(40L, LUB) 175.4 KU042-E0-40 CR4264 7T4637 GZ1530C1M00040
  D6D-EWL/963 LINK(36L, LUB) 203.2 KU043-E0-36 CR4267 9W8843 GZ1630B2M00036
  D7G-EWL/973 LINK(40L, LUB) 3/4 215.9 KU044-E0-40 CR4268 7T4663 G01730C0M00040
    LINK(40L, LUB) 7/8 215.9 KU044-E1-40 CR4700 9W9167 G01730D1M00040
  D4H-HD,D5M LINK(44L, LUB) 171.5 KU046-D0-44 CR5552 108-0954 G01040L0M00044
  D5H-HD,D6M LINK(46L, LUB) 190 KU047-D0-46 CR5465 106-1636 G01050L0M00046
  D6H-HD, D6R LINK(45L, LUB) 203.2 KU048-D0-45 CR5534 8E9037 G01060L0M00045
  D7R LINK(40L, LUB) 215.9 KU049-D0-40 CR5574 1156301 G01070L0M00040
KOMATSU D20 LINK(37L, STD) 135 KU001-P0-37 KM906 102-32-00030  
  D31-17 LINK(41L, STD) 154 LU042-W0-41 KM239 11G-A70-0013 E40310A0M00041
    LINK(41L, SPLIT) 154 KU020-S0-41 KM728   D40310C0M00041
    LINK(41L, LUB) 154 KU020-L0-41 KM727 11G-32-00034 G40310C0M00041
  D50 LINK(38L, STD)55.35mm 175.5 KU021-L1-38 KM62 130-32-00034 E4050000M00039
    LINK(38L, SPLIT) 175.5 KU021-S0-38 KM492   D4050000M00039
    LINK(38L, LUB) 175.5 KU021-L0-38     G4050000M00039
  D50 LINK(39L, STD)58.5mm 175.5 KU021-P0-39     E40500B0M00039
    LINK(39L, SPLIT) 175.5 KU021-S0-39 KM861    
    LINK(39L, LUB) 175.5 KU021-L0-39 KM489   G40500B0M00039
  D60 LINK(39L, STD) 190 KU005-W0-39 KM64 135-32-00030 E4060000M00039
  D60/65 LINK(39L, STD) 203.2 KU022-P0-39 KM953 141-32-00045 E4065000M00039
    LINK(39L, SPLIT) 203.2 KU022-S0-39 KM952 144-32-00046 D4065000M00039
    LINK(39L, LUB) 203.2 KU022-L0-39 KM951 141-32-00063 G40650C0M00045
  D61EX-12 LINK(46L, LUB) 190 KU028-L0-46 KM2868 13G-32-00010 G4061000M00046
  D65PX-12 LINK(45L, LUB)          
  D80/85 LINK(38L, STD) 215.9 KU009-P4-38 KM1103 154-32-00115 E4085000M00038
    LINK(38L, SPLIT) 215.9 KU009-S0-38 KM1102 154-32-00123 D4085000M00038
    LINK(38L, LUB) 215.9 KU009-L0-38 KM1099 154-32-00137 G4085000M00038
  D85ESS-2 LINK(42L, STD) 203.2 KU024-P0-42 KM2095 14U-32-00100 G40650E0M00042
    LINK(42L, LUB) 203.2 KU024-L0-42 KM2094 14X-32-00010 G40650E0M00042
  D155A-1 LINK(41L, STD) 228.6 KU025-W0-41 KM325 175-32-00103 E4015000M00041
    LINK(41L, SPLIT) 228.6 KU025-S0-41 KM1270 175-32-00154 D4015000M00041
    LINK(41L, LUB, NO SPLIT) 228.6 KU025-L1-41      
    LINK(41L, LUB) 228.6 KU025-L0-41 KM425 175-32-00120 G4015000M00041
  D155A-2 LINK(41L, STD) 228.6 KU027-W0-41      
    LINK(41L, SPLIT) 228.6 KU027-S0-41 KM1270 175-32-E0010  
    LINK(41L, LUB) 228.6 KU027-L0-41 KM1267 175-32-00402 G40150D0M00041
  D355A-3 LINK(39L, STD) 260.4 KU026-W0-39 KM596 195-32-00139 E4035000M00039
    LINK(39L, SPLIT) 260.4 KU026-S0-39 KM649 195-32-00117 D4035000M00039
    LINK(39L, LUB) 260.4 KU026-L0-39 KM426 195-32-00105 G4035000M00039
  D375A-1 LINK(42L, LUB) 260.35   KM1037 195-32-00190  
  D375A-2 LINK(40L, LUB) 280   KM1274 195-32-00040 G4037000M00040
JI CASE 350 LINK(33L) 149.225   CA307 R41051  
  450 LINK(37L) 149.225   CA274 D49614  
  450C LINK(36L, STD) 152.4 KU086-P0-36 CA744 R52283 E17450B0M00039
    LINK(36L, LUB) 152.4 KU086-L0-36 CA725 R52292 G17450A0M00036
  850D LINK(38L) 158,75 KU111-P0-38 CA695 R49303 E17110A0M00036
    LINK(38L, LUB) 158,75 KU111-L0-38 CA669 R51133 G17110C0M00038
  550E/G LINK(37L, STD) 159.8 KU095-P0-37 CA865 R57371 E1755000M00037
    LINK(37L, LUB) 159.8 KU095-L0-37 CA864 R57372 G1755000M00037
  1150D LINK(40L, STD) 169.8 KU097-P0-40 CA706 R51200 E17110C0M00040
    LINK(43L, LUB) 169.8 KU097-L0-43 CA681 R51184 G17110A0M00043
  850E LINK(35L, STD)9/16 171     R56514 E1785001M00035
    LINK(36L,STD)9/16 171 KU092-W0-36   R57104 E1785001M00036
    LINK(38L, STD) 9/16 171 KU092-W0-38 R56723 4020063 E1785001M00038
    LINK(35L, LUB)9/16 171     129020A1 G17850C1M00035
    LINK(36L, LUB)9/16 171 KU092-L0-36   129021A1 G17850C1M00036
    LINK(38L, LUB) 9/16 171 KU092-L0-38   129022A1 G17850C1M00038
    LINK(38L, STD) 5/8 171 KU092-W1-38     E17850A1M00038
    LINK(38L, LUB) 5/8 171 KU092-L1-38 CA847 295202A1 G17850G1M00038
  CASE1450 LINK(36L, SPLIT) 202.8 KU112-S0-36 CA575 R56502  
    LINK(36L, LUB) 202.8 KU112-L0-36 CA574 R56714 G17140C0M00036
JOHN DEERE JD350 LINK(36L) 146   ID40 AT57211  
  JD350D LINK(36L) 146   ID627 AT113023  
  450E/G LINK(36L, STD) 9/16" 159.8 KU087-W1-36 ID781 AT135622 E15450G0M00036
    LINK(36L, LUB) 9/16" 159.8 KU087-L1-36 ID782 AT167349 G15450G0M00036
    LINK(37L, LUB) 9/16", 54mm 159.8 KU087-L3-37 ID1354 AT167344 G15450G0M00037
  450C LINK(37L, STD) 159.8   ID372 AT56691  
  450B/D LINK(37L, STD) 1/2", 159.8 KU087-W0-37 ID567 AT113053 E15450F0M00037
    LINK(39L, LUB) 1/2" 159.8 KU087-L2-39 ID595   G15450F0M00036
DRESSER TD6, TD7 LINK(34L, WASHER) 152.4 KU101-W0-37 IN2755 621295C91 E02060D0M00037
  TD7G,TD8G LINK(34L, WASHER)   KU084-W0-34 IN3454   E0207000M00034
    LINK(34L, LUB) 164.84 KU084-L0-34 IN3450 1237164H92 G02070B0M00034
  TD9 LINK(36L, WASHER)   KU102-W0-36 IN2557 703125C91 E0209000M00036
  TD15C LINK(39L, SPLIT) 190.25 KU091-S0-39 IN3252 743375C91 D02150D0M00039
    LINK(39L, LUB) 190.25 KU091-L0-39 IN3251 743376C91 G02150B0M00039
  TD15E LINK(39L, SPLIT) 202.8 KU076-S0-39 IN3411 1212335H92 D02150E0M00039
    LINK(39L, LUB) 202.8 KU076-L0-39 IN3421 1212336H91 G02150F0M00039
  TD20E LINK(39L, LUB) 215.9   IN3253 743191C91  
  TD25E LINK(38L, WASHER) 250.4   IN2631    
    LINK(38L, SPLIT) 250.4 KU077-S0-38 IN3256 617089C93 D0225000M00038
    LINK(38L, LUB) 250.4 KU077-L0-38 IN3255 743159C91 G0225000M00038


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