CAT365BL Track Roller CAT365BL Track Roller

Item Code:CAT365BL Track Roller Features:CAT235/235B/235C;parts No 8E-4579 CAT325;parts No117-5046/6Y-1057 ATMS180-8/EL240B (MITSUBISHI) ;parts No 957138/A065-00112 CATMS120-8(MITSUBISHI);parts No C84300200 CAT215B/225B;parts No7T6394 CAT365BL ;parts No178-7288
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1. Product Information



40MnB round steer bar




Black or Cat yellow


Forging casting

Surface Hardness


Warranty time

2000 hour



FOB Price

FOB Xiamen USD



Delivery Time

Within 30 days after contract established


2. Design / Structure / Details Pics



Advantages / Features:
1. through quench-tempering processes to guarantee excellent mechanical properties,high strength and superior wear resistence to bending and breakage.
2. surface hardness HBN460 for reduced wear and longer life, adding value to your products further to your business by maximizing durability of your products.
3. precise design, carefully manufactured for proper fix easy grousering
heavy loaded capacity up to 50tons without compromising proper functioning of the excavators
reliable quality, high cost performance,quality services.Our products,your best choice.


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4.Track roller workflow


5. Certificates




 6.Product list/parts No.
Item Makers Machine Model Genuie Parts No. Weight(Kg)
Track Roller Bobcat 337 6815129 14.1
Track Roller CATERPILLAR 304CR 158-4765 9.3
Track Roller CATERPILLAR 307/308 127-3806/6I-6524 14.0
Track Roller CATERPILLAR 311/312 151-9747/4I-7346 25.0
Track Roller CATERPILLAR 320/E200B 117-5045/8E-5034 35.0
Track Roller CATERPILLAR 205 8E-7494/5W4144/7T-6395 34.7
Track Roller CATERPILLAR 215B/225B 7T6394 38.2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR MS120-8(MITSUBISHI) C84300200 37.4
Track Roller CATERPILLAR MS180-8/EL240B (MITSUBISHI) 957138/A065-00112 41.2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR 322 163-4145/6I-9396 36.2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR 325 117-5046/6Y-1057 44.6
Track Roller CATERPILLAR E300(MITSUBISHI) 854972/A065-00121 48.5
Track Roller CATERPILLAR E300B(MITSUBISHI) 854973/A065-00122 50.5
Track Roller CATERPILLAR 219 8E-4573 40.5
Track Roller CATERPILLAR 227/229 8E-4576 47.0
Track Roller CATERPILLAR 235/235B/235C 8E-4579 52.4
Track Roller CATERPILLAR 330 117-5047/6Y-2795 60.0
Track Roller CATERPILLAR 340(single) 178-7293/123-1379 77.2
Track Roller CATERPILLAR 350 189-0475 93.6
Track Roller CATERPILLAR E450(MITSUBISHI) 863096/G643-00200B 84.1
Track Roller CATERPILLAR 245 8E-0830 124.0
Track Roller CATERPILLAR 365BL 178-7288 163.2
Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR 307/308 102-8076 7.2
Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR 311/312 4I-7345 14.4
Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR MS120-8 C44301001 16.5
Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR MS180-3(MITSUBISHI) 965260 25.0
Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR 320/E200B 8E-5600 17.7
Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR 325/330 102-8152/6Y-5323 30.0
Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR E300B(MITSUBISHI) 960330 21.3
Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR E450(MITSUBISHI) 946114 41.5
Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR 340 124-7280 43.7
Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR 350 8E-4623 50.8
Carrier Roller CATERPILLAR 365BL 6Y-8168 57.5
Front Idler CATERPILLAR 320 113-2907/102-8151 110.0


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Material:special Finish:RA less than 0.2 inner and outer Colors:Black or yellow Technique:Forging casting Surface Hardness:HRC48-54,deepth:4mm-10mm Warranty time:2000 hours Certification:ISO9001-9002 FOB Price FOB Xiamen USD 50-450/Piece MOQ:2 piece Delivery Time:Within 25-30days after contract established
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Introduction 1.raw material:25MnB / 45MnB 2.length:300mm-800mm 3.thickness:6mm-12mm 4.pitch:101mm-203mm 5.hardness:HRC40-45HRC 6.color:black/yellow
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CAT219 Track Roller
CAT219 Track Roller
CAT219;parts No8E-4573 CAT325;parts No117-5046/6Y-1057 ATMS180-8/EL240B (MITSUBISHI) ;parts No 957138/A065-00112 CATMS120-8(MITSUBISHI);parts No C84300200 CAT215B/225B;parts No7T6394 CAT205 ;parts No8E-7494/5W4144/7T-6395
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