PC05,07Track RollerKOMATSU PC05,07Track RollerKOMATSU

Item Code:PC05,07Track RollerKOMATSU Features:Track Roller for Komatsu, Hitachi,Cat and Daewoo,Exported large quantity to the world market, good reputation in the world market.
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1. Product Information



40MnB round steer bar




Black or Cat yellow


Forging casting

Surface Hardness


Warranty time

2000 hour



FOB Price

FOB Xiamen USD



Delivery Time

Within 30 days after contract established


2. Design / Structure / Details Pics



Advantages / Features:
1. through quench-tempering processes to guarantee excellent mechanical properties,high strength and superior wear resistence to bending and breakage.
2. surface hardness HBN460 for reduced wear and longer life, adding value to your products further to your business by maximizing durability of your products.
3. precise design, carefully manufactured for proper fix easy grousering
heavy loaded capacity up to 50tons without compromising proper functioning of the excavators
reliable quality, high cost performance,quality services.Our products,your best choice.


3. Our factory View 



4.Track roller workflow


5. Certificates




 6.Product list/parts No.


Item Makers Machine Model Genuie Parts No. Weight(Kg)
Track Roller KOMATSU PC05,07 20M-30-31301 4.0
Track Roller KOMATSU PC20-1~7(steel) 20S-30-00060 8.0
Track Roller KOMATSU PC20(rubber) 20N-35-71300 8.0
Track Roller KOMATSU PC25/PC30-2(rubber) 20S-30-00021 6.4
Track Roller KOMATSU PC30 21U-30-R1301 6.2
Track Roller KOMATSU PC40-6 20T-30-00041 10.2
Track Roller KOMATSU PC40-7 20T-30-00071 8.5
Track Roller KOMATSU PC60-1(steel) 201-30-00050 13.9
Track Roller KOMATSU PC60-6(steel) 201-30-00062 14.5
Track Roller KOMATSU PC60-6(rubber) 21W-30-00021 22.0
Track Roller KOMATSU PC60-7 201-30-00292 14.7
Track Roller KOMATSU PC75UU-1(rubber) 21W-30-00021 22.0
Track Roller KOMATSU PC100-3,5/PC120-3,5 203-30-00140 22.8
Track Roller KOMATSU PC100-6/PC120-6 203-30-00220 22.8
Track Roller KOMATSU PC200-3 20Y-30-00130 35.8
Track Roller KOMATSU PC200-5,6 20Y-30-00012/20Y-30-00014 35.9
Track Roller KOMATSU PC300-3 207-30-00130 52.5
Track Roller KOMATSU PC300-5 207-30-00150 51.5
Track Roller KOMATSU PC400-3,5(single) 208-30-00210 78.0
Track Roller KOMATSU PC400-3,5(double) 208-30-00412 86.0
Track Roller KOMATSU PC650-5 209-30-00191 140.0
Track Roller KOMATSU PC650LC-6 21M-30-00100 109.1
Track Roller KOMATSU PC1000-1 21N-30-00023 170.0
Carrier Roller KOMATSU PC30R-8,PC35R-8,PC40R-8 20T-30-00150 2.3
Carrier Roller KOMATSU PC20-7 20N-30-71200 2.7
Carrier Roller KOMATSU PC25-1/PC75-2,3(steel) 20T-30-00050 3.5
Carrier Roller KOMATSU PC25-1/PC75-2,3(rubber) 20T-30-00060 5.7
Carrier Roller KOMATSU PC60-7(steel) 21W-30-00090 3.5
Carrier Roller KOMATSU PC100-5/PC120-5 203-30-00150 12.3
Carrier Roller KOMATSU PC200-1~5 20Y-30-00022 21.8
Carrier Roller KOMATSU PC200-7 22U-30-00021 16.7
Carrier Roller KOMATSU PC300-7 207-30-00430 30.2
Carrier Roller KOMATSU PC300-7(without bracket)  207-30-00550 28.6
Carrier Roller KOMATSU PC300-1~5 208-30-00320/207-30-00140/207-30-00032 34.3
Carrier Roller KOMATSU PC400/450-6 208-30-00340 38.1
Carrier Roller KOMATSU PC450-7 208-30-00431 30.3
Carrier Roller KOMATSU PC650-5 195-30-00580 70.5
Carrier Roller KOMATSU PC650LC-6 21M-30-00200 46.8
Carrier Roller KOMATSU PC750/PC800-7 209-30-00300 54.6
Carrier Roller KOMATSU PC1000-1 21N-30-00030 75.0
Front Idler KOMATSU PC100-5 203-30-00133 81.1
Front Idler KOMATSU PC200-5 20Y-30-00030 109.4
Front Idler KOMATSU PC200-7 20Y-30-00321 106.0
Front Idler KOMATSU PC300-6 207-30-00160 170.0
SPROCKET KOMATSU PC200-3 205-27-71281 38.3
SPROCKET KOMATSU PC200-5 20Y-27-11581(2) 38.0
SPROCKET KOMATSU PC300-6 207-27-61210 66.8
SPROCKET KOMATSU PC400-6 208-27-61210 72.0

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