Track chain ,Track link for D5B

  • Track chain ,Track link for D5B
  • Track chain ,Track link for D5B
  • Track chain ,Track link for D5B
  • Track chain ,Track link for D5B
  • Track chain ,Track link for D5B
  • Track chain ,Track link for D5B
  • Track chain ,Track link for D5B
  • Track chain ,Track link for D5B
  • Track chain ,Track link for D5B
Item Code: Features:Product Name: D5B track chain Product Information :undercarriage parts/chain link Material:35MnB ourchased from first-class steel plant Finish:Smooth Colors:Black or yellow Technique:Forging & casting Surface Hardness HRC48-54,deepth:4mm-10mm Warranty time:2000 hour (Normal life 4000hours ) Certification:ISO9001-9002 FOB Price:FOB Xiamen USD 50-450/Piece MOQ:2 pieces chain links
  • Description

Product Name

D5B track chain

Product Information 

undercarriage parts/chain link


35MnB ourchased from first-class steel plant




Black or yellow


Forging & casting

Surface Hardness


Warranty time

2000 hour (Normal life 4000hours ) 




2 pieces  chain links

Delivery Time

Within 30 days after contract established


Fumigate seaworthy packing

Payment Term

(1) T/T, 30% in deposit, balance on the receipt of copy of B/

(2) L/C, Irrevocable letter of credit at sight. 

Business Scope

Bulldozer & excavator undercarriage parts , underground engage tools, hydraulic track press, hydraulic pump etc..

All the above products are turn out our own factory.We can supply both sealed and lubricated track link assembly(SALT track link assy),also sealed chains and dry chains for excavators and bulldozers,track link assembly pitches from 101mm to 228mm.
Our track link assy are specifically designed, engineered and manufactured,use high quality raw material,all made by OEM quality and reliable.It can be customized

Product show:



Item list for T/LINK(Excavator):


KOMATSU PC60-3 LINK(42L)12.3mm 135 KU001-W0-42 KM906 201-32-00131 E4021700M00042  
  PC60-6, PC75 LINK(39L)14.3mm 154 KU002-P0-39 KM1686/3041 201-32-00011 E1506600M00038  
  PC120-3 LINK(43L) 14.3mm 154 KU003-P0-43 KM965 202-32-00010 E4010700M00048  
  PC100-5 LINK(42L)16.3mm 175 KU004-P0-42 KM1262 203-32-00101 E4012701M00042  
  PC200-5/6 LINK(45L)20.3mm 190 KU005-P1-45 KM782 20Y-32-00013 E15698B1M00045  
    LINK(49L)None Seal 190 KU005-N1-49 KM782UNS/49      
  PC200-3 LINK(46L)18.3mm 190 KU005-P0-44 KM1170 206-32-00011 E1569801M00046  
    LINK(46L)None Seal 190 KU005-N0-46        
  PC300-3 LINK(47L)20.0mm 203 KU007-P0-47 KM959 207-32-00050 E4030800M00047  
    LINK(47L)None Seal 203 KU007-N0-47 KM959UNS/47      
  PC300-5 LINK(47L)22.0mm 203 KU007-P1-47 KM1617 207-32-00101 E40308M0M00047  
  PC300-6 LINK(48L) 216 KU012-P0-48 KM2233 207-32-00300 E40306C0M00045  
  PC400-3 LINK(53L)22.3mm 216 KU009-P2-53 KM973 208-32-00040 E40307E0M00045  
  PC400-5 LINK(49L)24.3mm 216 KU009-P1-49 KM1402 208-32-00101 E40407C0M00049  
  PC400-6 LINK(49L) 229 KU011-P0-49 KM2489 208-32-00300 E40407D0M00046  
  PC650 LINK(47L) 260.4   KM596 209-32-00022 E40350A0M00047  
  PC1000-3 LINK(51L) 260     21N-32-00013    
  PC1100-6/1250-7 LINK948L) 260     21N-32-00101    
CATERPILLAR E70 LINK(42L) 135 KU085-P0-42 MT24/42 1028077    
  E311 LINK(41L) 171.45 KU061-P1-41 CR4854/41 4I7479 F3206800M00041  
  CAT213/215 LINK(49L) 171.45 KU041-P0-49 CR2849/49   EZ1430A0M00049  
  E110 LINK(43L) 171.45 KU121-P0-43 CR1766/43   F32068A0M00043  
  CAT225 LINK(43L) 171.1 KU122-N0-43 CR4858   F14048B3M00043  
  CAT225B LINK(46L) 175.5 KU042-P0-46 CR5035 5A5293 F1405800M00046  
  CAT225D LINK(49L) 19.3mm 190 KU030-P2-49 CR5011 6Y8184 E0119801M00049  
  CAT320 LINK(45L) 190 KU030-P0-45 CR5350/45 9W9354 E01198A1M00045  
  CAT325 LINK(45L) 203 KU031-P0-45 CR5489/45 6Y0854 E1627700M00045  
  CAT330 LINK(45L) 215.9 KU032-P0-45 CR5936/45 6Y2755 E1630700M00045  
  CAT235 LINK(49L) 215.9 KU044-W1-49 CR4235 8E4274 EY4078A0M00049  
HITACHI EX40/45 LINK(38L) 135 KU060-N0-38   9087953    
  EX60 LINK(37L) 154 KU050-P0-37 HT418 9096710 E7606700M00037  
  EX100 LINK(41L) 171.45 KU061-P1-41 CR4854 995398 F3206800M00041  
  EX100M(EX150) LINK(45L) 171.45 KU052-P0-45 HT420 AT159899 E7615601M00045  
  EX200-1 LINK(48L) 175.5 KU053-P0-48 HT17 9066724 F14058B0M00048  
  EX200-3 LINK(46L) 190 KU005-P0-46 KM1170 9092517 E1569801M00046  
  EX300 LINK(47L) 203 KU007-P0-47 KM959 9140549 EE40308L0M00047  
  ZX330 LINK(45L) 216 KU012-P0-45 KM2233 9202851    
  EX400-1 LINK(49L) 216 KU009-P5-49 MT14A 9084353 E4040000M00049  
  EX550 LINK(53L) 228     9137494   D155 BH
  EX700/750/800 LINK(51L) 260     9152643   PC650-5BH
  EX1100-3 LINK(52L) 260     9104792   PC1000BH
KOBELCO SK60 LINK(38L) 154 KU002-P0-38        
  SK120 LINK(43L) 171.1 KU080-P0-43     EY612600M00043  
  K907B LINK(48L) 175.4 KU053-N0-48        
  SK200 LINK(49L) 190 KU030-N0-49        
  SK300 LINK(47L) 203 KU082-W0-47 CR5060 5603941 F32208B0M00047  
  SK480LC LINK(50L) 228   SI1057 01040304   CASE CX460
KATO HD770 LINK(47L) 175.5 KU021-P1-47 KM967   F4050800M00047  
DAEWOO S50 LINK(40L) 135 KU071-N0-40        
  S220 LINK(52L) 175.5 KU053-P0-52 HT17/52 2272-1025 F14058B0M00052  
  S220-3 LINK(49L) 190 KU005-P1-49 KM782/49   E15698B1M00049  
  S280 LINK(47L) 203 KU007-P5-47 KM959/47   E4030800M00047  
SAMSUNG MX55 LINK(39L) 135 KU071-N0-39        
(VOLVO) MX135 LINK(46L) 171.45 KU061-P1-46 CR4854/46 1181-00620 F3206800M00046  
  SE210 LINK(54L) 171.1 KU063-N0-54 CR2006/54   F14068D0M00054  
  SE210-2 LINK(45L) 190 KU005-P6-45 KM782/45 1082-02210 E15698B1M00045  
  SE280-2 LINK(47L) 203 KU007-P0-47 KM959/47 1082-02651 E4030800M00047  
  SE350 LINK(48L) 216   MT14/48 1082-00892 E4040000M00048  
  SE450 LINK(52L) 216     8250-00210    
HYUNDAI R500 LINK(40L) 135 KU060-N0-40   81M6-51120    
  R1300-3 LINK(46L) 171.45 KU061-P1-46 CR4854/46 81E6-2501 F3206800M00046  
  R2000 LINK(54L) 171.45 KU063-N0-54 CR2006/54   F14068D0M00054  
  R210-7 LINK(49L) 190 KU064-P0-49 KM782/49 81EM-20010 E15698B1M00049  
  R280 LINK(51L) 203 KU007-P0-51 KM959/51 81EM-35010 E4030800M00051  
  R290-7 LINK(48L) 216 KU012-P0-48 KM2233   E40306C0M00048  
  R360 LINK(51L) 216     81EH-20010    
  R450 LINK(53L) 216     84E7-00190    
FIAT FIAT 25 LINK(34L) 125 KU094-N0-34 FT1335/34 557115 F04350D100034  
  FL4 LINK(35L) 140 KU089-N0-35 FT1351/35 580373 F04400B0M00035  
  FL4 SPECIAL LINK(35L) 140 KU090-N0-35     E1401700M00035  
  FL6 LINK(35L) 160 KU093-N0-35 FT905 5115560 F04500C0M00035  
  FIAT 7C/FL9 LINK(45L) 170 KU096-N0-45 FT1667/45 71400985 F0490000M00045  
  FH200 LINK(48L) 176 KU078-N0-48 FT2754/48 71400996 F0410000M00048  
  FH300 LINK(47L) 202.9 KU079-N0-47 FT2780/47   E0403800M  
ETC. BENFRA 4C/4CH LINK(36L) 140 KU075-W0-36 LA308 3538949M91 E11020D1M00036  
  HD11B LINK(56L) 177.8 KU083-P0-56 AC1967   E0311000M00056  
  LS4300Q LINK(50L) 203   C8A0255  


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Sunny( Sale manager)


T:   86-592-5889473/75

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