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Bulldozer track shoes, like other parts of heavy machinery, need to be extremely durable and wear-resistant. Therefore, they are usually made of materials that can withstand high stresses and harsh conditions. The most common material used for bulldozer track shoes is high-quality steel. This is because steel is very strong and durable, and can withstand the heavy loads and harsh conditions that bulldozers often operate in.

In special cases, we can also provide you with track shoes of different materials to suit different application scenarios. For example, boron steel track shoes. Boron steel has high hardenability and can form a thicker heat-treated layer on the component, providing higher wear resistance and durability. Or Hadfield steel track shoes, which are ideal for heavy-duty applications such as bulldozers.

GT is a reliable mini excavator parts suppliers. Welcome to contact us to provide you with high-quality excavator track shoes.

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