Human body temperature Thermal Imaging in orderly or high-traffic scenarios

Human body temperature Thermal Imaging in orderly or high-traffic scenarios

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1.Product description

Model: iZM-2040

Size: 250mm * 160mm * 142mm ( tripod excluded )

Measurement Range: 35 ℃-42 ℃

Working Temperature: 16-32℃

Accuracy: ± 0.3 ℃

Work distance: 0.8-1.2m

Applicable environment: indoor / no wind

Alarm prompt: sound + light indicator

Power supply : 220/110V AC


Thermal Imaging available for realtime display of

object’s thermal image on computer

ü Accurate multi-point thermal imaging acquisition,

effectively reducing errors

ü Portable easy to use, can be adjusted in height, and

can be used in multiple scenarios

ü Fast temperature measurement process response in

milliseconds, no waiting, high pass rate

ü Alarm When the object’s temperature is higher than

the set temperature value- an audible and visual

warning will be activated automatically

ü Smart AI technology

2.Product Instructions



Light indicator

Sound indicator

OLED display





Normal Temperature


1 quick beep

Temperature of object

Abnormal Temperature

Flashing red(keep 5 seconds)

Long beep(keep 5 seconds)

Temperature of object

Portable infrared thermal imaging rapid temperature measurement and alarm equipment.

The product adopts multi-point infrared temperature measurement sensor to realize dynamic

and accurate temperature measurement of the crowd. Automatic sound and light alarm after

high temperature is found, which can meet the layout of multiple scenes.

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