Bolt and Nut for Track Shoe Segment Track Roller Cutting Edge

What is a segment bolt?
A segment bolt is a type of fastener used in heavy machinery, particularly in earthmoving equipment such as excavators and bulldozers. It is designed to secure the segments of the track chain together.
D475 segment bolt&nut
Size: M30×120mm
Weight: 1.24KG
Grade: 12.9
Bolt part No.: 198-27-32231

Product Detail

The standard sizes for excavator bolt and nut can vary depending on the make and model of the excavator. Common sizes include M12, M16, M20, and M24.

Bolt and Nut for Track Shoe Segment Track Roller Cutting Edge

Step-1: Raw material inspection & storage

Raw material for the bolt to be decided upon the designer based upon application. Material to be used to be inspected and then proper storage location to be identified in order to avoid rust formation and proper coverage needs to be provided.

Step-2: Unthreaded / Unfinished bolt manufacturing

Mostly casting and forging are used in this stage.Other methods may also be used:
1. Sintering
2. Prototyping (Rapid)

Step-3: CNC machining

After the part has been manufactured via forging/casting route, it is then machined to the required dimensions usually by CNC.
The operations followed here are: pointing, facing, grooving.

Step-4: Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is done after machining to make the fasteners stronger. Hardening & tempering operations are followed.
First, hardening is done such that bolt is heated to a temperature of 850-900°C and then quenched in the cooling media.
Secondly, the bolt is again re-heated to bring back the extreme hardened bolt less soft, so that the bolt remains stronger. Re-heating is done to bring down the brittleness of the bolt which happened during hardening.

Step-5: Surface Finishing

Next is the surface finish process. Usually, grinding process is carried out to make the surface smoother according to the surface finish specification.

Step-6:Thread Rolling

After finishing process, thread rolling is done with two dies. One is stationary and another is a moving die which actually exerts pressure on the bolts and forms threads.

Step-7: Coating

After thread rolling, bolts and screw fasteners are coated in order to prevent rust and corrosion. A fine example of bolt coating is geomet coating in bolts which will be tested to SST (Salt Spray Test) depending upon the number of hours as specified.

Machinery called FISCHERSCOPE is used to determine coating thickness along with other thickness measuring instruments such as coating thickness meter.

Step-8: Inspection for Form, Fit & Function:

After all the processes being done, finally the part goes to inspection. It should meet
1.Torque test, SST
2.Fitment with nut
3.Impact strength (Impact charpy test)
4.Tensile strength test (%elongation of bolt)
5.Core hardness of bolt
6.Coating thickness
Dimensional inspection etc.

Model we can supply

No Name Size No Name Size
1 Nut TB12NS 77 Bolt TB30*96B
2 Nut TB14NH 78 Bolt TB30*168B
3 Nut TB14NS 79 Bolt TB1/2*1.1/2B
4 Nut TB16NS 80 Bolt TB1/2*1.57/64B
5 Nut TB18NS 81 Bolt TB1*2.15/16B
6 Nut TB19NS 82 Bolt TB1.3/8*5B
7 Nut TB20NS(28S) 83 Bolt TB1*3.13/16B
8 Nut TB20NS(30S) 84 Bolt TB1*3.35/64B
9 Nut TB20NS-30S25H-GETT 85 Bolt TB1*3.3/16B
10 Nut TB22NS 86 Bolt TB1*4.27/32B
11 Nut TB24NS 87 Bolt TB1*4.52/64B
12 Nut TB24NH 88 Bolt TB1*5.53/64B
13 Nut TB27NH 89 Bolt TB1*5.9/16B
14 Nut TB27NS 90 Bolt TB1.1/4*7B
15 Nut TB27NU) 91 Bolt TB1.1/4*4.9/16B-CTP
16 Nut TB30NU 92 Bolt TB1.1/8*3.25/32B
17 Nut TB1NU 93 Bolt TB1.1/8*3.39/64WB
18 Nut TB1NS 94 Bolt TB1.1/8*4.13/32B
19 Nut TB1/2NS 95 Bolt TB1.1/4*4.9/16B
20 Nut TB1/2NT 96 Bolt TB1.1/8*5.15/32B
21 Nut TB1.1/8NU 97 Bolt TB1.1/8*5.9/32B
22 Nut TB3/4NS 98 Bolt TB1.1/8*6.29/64B
23 Nut TB5/8NH 99 Bolt TB3/4*2.13/32B
24 Nut TB5/8NS 100 Bolt TB3/4*2.13/64B
25 Nut TB7/8NS 101 Bolt TB3/4*2.3/8B
26 Nut 102 Bolt TB3/4*2.3/4B
27 Nut TB7/8NU 103 Bolt TB3/4*4.1/8B
28 Nut TB9/16NH-CTP 104 Bolt TB3/4*4.9/64B
29 Nut TB9/16NS 105 Bolt TB3/4*57B
30 Bolt TB12*40B 106 Bolt TB3/4*67B
31 Bolt TB14*35B 107 Bolt TB3/4*74B
32 Bolt TB14*45B 108 Bolt TB3/4*2.35/64B
33 Bolt TB14*48B 109 Bolt TB3/4*2.5/32B
34 Bolt TB14*85B 110 Bolt TB3/4*2.7/16B
35 Bolt TB16*48B 111 Bolt TB3/4*3.9/64B
36 Bolt TB16*53B 112 Bolt TB3/4*3.5/8B
37 Bolt TB16*182B 113 Bolt TB3/4*3.57/64B
38 Bolt TB18*55B 114 Bolt TB3/4*5.1/2B
39 Bolt TB18*57B 115 Bolt TB5/8*1.1/2B
40 Bolt TB18*59B 116 Bolt TB5/8*1.31/32B
41 Bolt TB18*60B 117 Bolt TB5/8*1.3/4B
42 Bolt TB19*69B 118 Bolt TB5/8*1.35/36B
43 Bolt TB19*98B 119 Bolt TB5/8*48B-GETT
44 Bolt TB20*55B/WB 120 Bolt TB5/8*2.19/32B
45 Bolt TB20*56WB 121 Bolt TB5/8*2.3/32B
46 Bolt TB20*60B(TST) 122 Bolt TB5/8*2B
47 Bolt TB20*60B(英文) 123 Bolt TB5/8*2.5/32B
48 Bolt TB20*63B 124 Bolt TB5/8*2.7/64B
49 Bolt TB20*62B 125 Bolt
50 Bolt TB20*63B-CTP 126 Bolt TB5/8*2.7/8B
51 Bolt TB20*65B 127 Bolt TB5/8*3B
52 Bolt TB20*68B 128 Bolt TB5/8*3.1/2B
53 Bolt TB20*105B 129 Bolt TB5/8*3.1/4B
54 Bolt TB20*117B 130 Bolt TB5/8*3.3/8B
55 Bolt TB20.5*55B 131 Bolt
56 Bolt TB22*56WB 132 Bolt TB5/8*3.9/16B
57 Bolt TB22*59B 133 Bolt TB5/8*4.5*16B
58 Bolt TB22*65B 134 Bolt TB7/8*2.21/32B
59 Bolt TB22*67B 135 Bolt TB7/8*3.11/32B
60 Bolt TB22*70B 136 Bolt
61 Bolt TB22*73B 137 Bolt TB7/8*3.13/32B
62 Bolt TB22*73B-CTP 138 Bolt TB7/8*3.13/32B-CTP
63 Bolt TB22*115B 139 Bolt TB7/8*3.25/32B
64 Bolt TB24*1.5*129B 140 Bolt TB7/8*3.27/64B
65 Bolt TB24*65B 141 Bolt TB7/8*3.3/4B
66 Bolt TB24*67B 142 Bolt TB7/8*4.27/32B
67 Bolt TB24*75WB 143 Bolt TB7/8*4.3/4B
68 Bolt TB24*76.2B 144 Bolt TB7/8*5B
69 Bolt TB24*81B 145 Bolt TB7/8*5.5/64B-CTP
70 Bolt TB24*79B 146 Bolt TB9/16*1.5/8B
71 Bolt TB27*82B 147 Bolt TB9/16*1.15/16B
72 Bolt TB27*90B 148 Bolt TB9/16*3B
73 Bolt TB27*2*150B 149 Bolt TB9/16*2.7/8B
74 Bolt TB27*1.5*154B 150 Bolt 3/4-10*190.3=CTP
75 Bolt TB3/4*57B 151 Bolt SQ3/4*2.1/8B-CTP
76 Bolt TB7/8-14*129长 152 Bolt 3/4-16*91-CTP

Bolt and Nut for Track Shoe Segment Track Roller Cutting Edge Bolt and Nut for Track Shoe Segment Track Roller Cutting Edge

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