Bulldozer D10R D10T Ripper Shank with Adapter&Tooth Part No. 1182140


Convenient for digging and loading high efficiency.Applications Digging and breaking of hard ear

Product information

(1)One-piece without welding

(2)Forging, High resilience to prevent breakages

(3)It is one of the most common, strong, durable, efficient, which commonly used to loose rock

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Bulldozer D10R D10T Ripper Shank with Adapter&Tooth Part No. 1182140

Product List

SHANK 154-78-14348 D85 175-78-31230 156
ADAPTER 175-78-21693 D155A-2,3,D155AX-3,5 195-78-21320 94
SHANK D155(15A-79-11120) D155A-3 363
SHANK 175-78-21615 D155 290
SHANK 195-79-31141 D275,D355 195-78-21331 586
SHANK D375 D375 195-78-71320 195-78-71111 607
ADAPTER 195-78-71380 D375 56
SHANK D475 D475 198-78-21340 198-78-21330 1030


1.The specifications and types of our buckets are applicable to over 90 kinds of excavators
such as HITACHI, KATO, SUMITOMO, KOBELCO, DAEWOO, HYUNDAI,etc. According to different operating

conditions, various kinds of buckets arereasonably designed from shapes, materials, thickness of plates, and

stress features,etc. The bucket capacity is from 0.25 m3 to 2.4 m3. Advanced digital controlflame (plasma) cutting

machines, large lapping machines, and CO2 protectivewelding machines guarantee the quality of our products.

  1. Categories and Main Differences of Buckets 1.General Buckets: Standard bucket materials and quality homemade tooth holders.
  2. Reinforced Buckets: Quality structural steel with high strength and quality homemade
    tooth holders.
  3. Rocky Buckets: Wear resistant steel with high strength, reinforced high stress
    parts, thicker abrasive parts, reinforcing ribs at bottom, and rock-oriented SBIC
    products from South Korea.

2.Applications of Buckets General Buckets Light duty operations like the excavation of clays and the loading of sand,

earth, and gravel, etc. Reinforced Buckets Heavy duty operations like the excavation of hard soil, earth mixed with soft stones,

and soft stones and the loading of breakstones and gravels. Rocky Buckets Heavy duty operations like the excavation of earth

mixed with hard stones, solid rocks, and weathered granite and the loading of solid rocks and dynamited ores.

3.The Chemical Ingredients and Mechanical Performance Comparison of Three Materials: KM

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