CE Certification bulldozer d6d track chain lubricated Company Quotes

Product Name:Track Chain/Track link
Material : 35MnB
Finish: Smooth
Colors:Black or yellow
Technique: Forging/Casting
Surface Hardness: HRC52-59,deepth: 8-12mm
Certification: ISO9001-9002


The track chain, as a crucial component of the undercarriage system in tracked vehicles and heavy machinery, serves various essential applications across multiple industries. Here are some primary applications of track chains:

Military Vehicles: Track chains are essential components of military vehicles, including tanks, armored personnel carriers, and infantry fighting vehicles. These vehicles require reliable track systems capable of traversing diverse terrains, including deserts, jungles, snow, and urban environments. Track chains ensure the mobility, agility, and survivability of military assets in combat scenarios and peacekeeping missions.

Railroad Maintenance: In railroad maintenance and repair operations, track chains are used to support and guide railway maintenance vehicles and equipment, such as track renewal trains, ballast regulators, and track inspection vehicles. Track chains help ensure the stability and alignment of railroad tracks, facilitating safe and efficient maintenance activities along railway lines.

Snow Vehicles: Track chains are employed in snow vehicles such as snowcats, snow groomers, and tracked snowmobiles, where they provide traction and flotation on snow-covered terrain. These vehicles are commonly used for transportation, recreation, and grooming of ski slopes, snowmobile trails, and ice roads in snowy regions.

Construction Machinery: Track chains are extensively used in construction equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, compact track loaders, and crawler cranes. These machines often operate in challenging terrains, including rocky, muddy, or uneven surfaces. Track chains provide stability, traction, and mobility, allowing construction machinery to navigate and perform tasks efficiently in construction sites.

Our main products are undercarriage parts:
Track roller(Bottom roller),
Top roller(Carrier roller),
Sprocket rim(Segment),
Front idler,
Track chain(Track link assy),
Track shoe assy(Track group with shoes),
bolts&nuts, pins&bushins.
Excavator spare parts : bucket teeth, grader blades.

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