CE Certification bulldozer lower roller Company Quotes

Product Name: Track Roller
Material: 50mn/40mnb
Colour: Black ,Grey ,Yellow
Surface Hardness: 52-58 HRC
Weight: 20-50kg or Customized
Hardness Depth: 8-12mm or Customized


Product advantages
1. The track roller half body adopts fully automatic closed forging molding technology. By optimizing the mold structure and forging process, it solves industry problems such as forging breakage and missing meat, and ensures the quality stability of the product process.
2. The surface of the wheel shaft is finely ground and then polished to reduce the temperature rise inside the wheel body and the wear of the bushing, and improve the service life of the supporting wheel product;
3. The thrust surface of the track roller axle seat is partially hardened to have better ability to withstand continuous heavy loads and lateral extrusion, further improving the adaptability to mining operating conditions.

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We have a preventive and efficient quality management system, and have established a professional quality management, product testing and physical and chemical analysis team, equipped with more than 90 world-class testing equipment such as spectrum analyzers, metallographic microscopes, micron-level coordinate measuring machines, and mechanical performance testing machines. , from raw material selection to product delivery, every part and every product implements the product concept of “leading technology, durable in use” to make handicrafts.

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