CE Certification bulldozer track plate factory Pricelist

Service life:≥ 2000Hours
Tensile strength:≥ 15MPa
Tearing will not be deformed:≤ 40%
Tear strength:≥ 350N/CM
Use temperature:≥ -20-150
Tearing tensile ratio:≥ 300%
Shore hardness:65 3ShA



The track plate, also known as a track shoe or track pad, is a crucial component of a bulldozer’s undercarriage system.

Support and Traction: Track plates provide the contact surface between the bulldozer’s undercarriage and the ground. They support the weight of the machine and distribute it evenly across the tracks. The design of the track plate is crucial for ensuring sufficient traction on different types of terrain, allowing the bulldozer to move efficiently and perform tasks such as pushing, grading, and leveling.

Durability and Wear Resistance: Track plates are subjected to significant wear and tear due to constant contact with the ground and abrasive materials. They are typically made from high-strength steel or other durable materials to withstand heavy loads, impacts, and abrasion. The surface of the track plate may be hardened or treated to enhance wear resistance and prolong the service life of the undercarriage.

Grouser Design: The underside of the track plate often features protrusions called grousers, which dig into the ground to provide traction and prevent slippage. The design and arrangement of the grousers vary depending on the bulldozer’s application and the type of terrain it operates on. Common configurations include single, double, or triple grousers, each offering different levels of traction and ground penetration.

Width and Configuration: Bulldozer track plates come in various widths and configurations to suit different machine sizes, applications, and working conditions. Wide track plates provide better stability and flotation in soft or muddy terrain, while narrower track plates offer improved maneuverability and control in tight spaces or urban environments.

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