CE Certification excavator part long reach boom Suppliers Quotes

1. Wider Applications:The long arm can work in the tough and extreme working environment where other excavators can’t reach. This unique advantage makes it reliable enough to handle various constructions.
2. Higher Standard:Strict technology and examination standards have been set to manufacture this machine, which guarantees its excellent construction performance.
3. Ease of Operation:The high mechanization and simple working organization of the long-reach excavator make it easier to be operated, thus improving working efficiency and saving labor resource.


Excavator part long reach boom is a vital component designed to keep your heavy machinery running smoothly and efficiently. Our product range includes everything from chassis parts and hydraulic components to engines and attachments, which are tailor-made for each excavator model. Excavator part long reach boom is an essential part of heavy machinery and is often used in construction, mining and other large projects. It is used to dig holes or trenches as well as lift and place heavy objects. The multitude of parts work together to make it versatile and efficient.

Here are some of the excavator part long reach boom parts:

1. Boom: This is the metal arm of the excavator that is able to swing up and down. It comes in two types: single boom, which can move in one direction, and articulated boom, which can also move left and right.
2. Bucket: The bucket is attached to the boom and does the digging. Buckets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each designed for a specific type of work.
3. Engine: Powers the excavator, usually a diesel engine.
4. Chassis: Made up of tracks, track frames, blades, and cab.
5. Stick: Also called a bucket, it is fixed to the lower end of the boom and can be extended to increase reach.
6. Hydraulic cylinders: They provide the force required for digging and lifting in excavators.

Excavator part long reach boom key features:

1. Durability: Our excavator parts are made from strong and durable materials, ensuring they can withstand harsh working conditions and extend the life of the machine.
2. Precision Engineering: Each component is precision-engineered for a specific model, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance every time.
3. Parts Range: We offer a comprehensive selection of parts, including hydraulic pumps, swing gears, final drives and more.

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