CE Certification hitachi track roller factory Pricelist

Material: 50Mn/40MnB
Finish: Painting/ Smooth
Colors: Black or yellow or customized
Technique: Forging, Casting, Machining, heat treatment, Assemble, Painting
Surface Hardness: HRC50-58,deepth: 8-12mm


Track Rollers
The rollers are used to support the weight of the tractor while rolling on the guide rails (rail links) or track decks of the crawler tracks. They are also used to restrict the crawler tracks and prevent lateral slippage. The track wheels force the tracks to slide on the ground as the tractor turns.
Rolling wheels are often exposed to mud, water and dust, and are subject to strong impacts, so they are required to have reliable sealing and wear-resistant rims.

Functions and requirements
The function of the rolling wheel is to transfer the weight of the locomotive unit to the ground and roll on the tracks. To prevent derailment, the track roller should also be able to prevent the track from moving relative to it laterally.
Rolling wheels often work in mud, water, gray sand, and bear strong impacts. The working conditions are extremely harsh, and the wheel rims are easy to wear.
The requirements for rollers are: rim wear resistance, reliable bearing sealing, low rolling resistance, etc.

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