CE Certification inner flange roller Products For Sale

Description: Track Roller
Logo: Beneparts
Surface Hardness: 52 ~ 58
Color: Yellow or others
Production Method: Casting / Forging
Material: 40Mn


Types of track rollers
The common crawler wheels currently on the market mainly include the following types:
1. Steel wheel type track wheel. This type of track wheel is usually made of steel, which can provide high load-bearing capacity and wear resistance, and is suitable for relatively high-strength driving roads.
2. Rubber wheel track wheels. This kind of track wheel is usually made of rubber material, which has better vibration absorption effect on the road surface and performs well when driving on smoother roads.
3. Small gun wheel type track wheels. This track wheel is shaped like a cannonball, hence its name. Its structure is simple and suitable for small construction machinery, such as forklifts, bulldozers, etc.
4. Sprocket type track wheels. This kind of track wheel is usually made of cast iron material and is mainly used in construction machinery such as large excavators and forklifts.

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