China bottom roller supplier

The excavator bottom roller is a broader category of rollers located at the bottom of the excavator’s undercarriage. It usually includes the track rollers, carrier rollers, and idlers. It will provide support, stability, and guidance for the track chain. In addition, it makes the excavator withstands the rigors of challenging operating condition.



The features and functions of the bottom rollers. Along with other undercarriage components such as track rollers, carrier rollers, and idlers, the bottom roller helps excavator distribute the weight evenly across the track chain. When the excavator works on uneven terrain, this function is u indispensable.

The track rollers can guide the track of the excavator, at the same time, the bottom will maintain proper alignment and tension to prevent the track chain from slipping or derailing. And it minimizes friction between the track chain and the ground. This feature makes our excavator can work smoother and by this mean, it can reduce the power consumption efficiently.

Of course, to obtain the high-quality bottom rollers, our company use the high-strength steel or specialized alloys to make them. By this means, we can ensure these components can withstand abrasion, impact, and heavy loads over extended periods.

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