China caterpillar track roller supplier

The caterpillar track roller has other name, it always be named bottom rollers or bogie wheels. It is a key component in the undercarriage systems of Caterpillar’s extensive line of tracked heavy equipment. It can ensure the machines’ optimal performance and longevity in challenging environments.



The caterpillar track rollers are precisely engineered to meet the demanding specifications of each machine model. The design can ensure the caterpillar track rollers can perfect fit and function within Caterpillar’s undercarriage systems.

For its material, our company always use the high-strength steels and alloys, because the caterpillar track roller usually faces the extreme loads, impacts, and corrosive conditions.

The caterpillar track rollers can reduce the friction to enhance the work efficiency and can absorb shock to protects other undercarriage components from excessive stress.

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