China Discount Bulldozer Front Idler Group Manufacturers Quotes

We are OEM supplier for V-track, ITR about undercarriage parts for over 21 years. Therefore, our quality is first-class level,could minimize the downtime of machine operations.


It is located at the front end of the equipment and plays the role of guiding and adjusting the equipment’s walking track to ensure the smooth running of the equipment. China Famous Bulldozer Front Idler Group is a critical component of heavy equipment such as bulldozers and excavators. Our Front Idler is made of particular impact-resistant and wear-resistant materials to low range high pressure and high wear in complex environments, ensuring a long service life of the apparatus.After engineering design, our China Famous Bulldozer Front Idler Group can provide smooth control during the walking process of the equipment, allowing the equipment to drive stably under various terrain characteristics.

Front Idler is widely used in various crawler equipment, including but not limited to excavators, bulldozers, loaders, etc.China Famous Bulldozer Front Idler Group is designed to be strong and stable, able to withstand dozens of tons of weight, ensuring the stability and smoothness of the equipment. China Famous Bulldozer Front Idler Group adopts special coating protection, and the product surface is extremely resistant to oxidation and corrosion, which can extend the service life of the device even in harsh environments.

China Famous Bulldozer Front Idler Group how to help equipment drive in complex terrain?

1.Track alignment:The Front Idler and the bottom roller work together to maintain the alignment of the equipment track to ensure the stability of the equipment during travel. This alignment is particularly important for equipment traveling in difficult terrain.
2.Shock absorption and chain tension adjustment:Front Idler can act as a shock absorption and chain tension adjuster. When the equipment is traveling, the Front Idler can buffer the impact between the ground and the equipment, protect the equipment structure, and prevent wear and tear. At the same time, by adjusting the chain tension, the smooth driving of the equipment in complex terrain is ensured.
3.Transfer weight:Front Idler helps transfer the weight of the equipment to the ground, further improving the stability of the equipment in complex terrain.

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