China Discount Carrier Roller Parts Manufacturers Quotes

  • Warranty time:One Year / 2000 hours(Normal life 4000 hours)
  • Packing:Standard exported wooden pallet;Fumigate seaworthy packing

Carrier Roller Parts Company Quotes brings precision engineering and high attention to detail into every part of the manufacturing process. Located above the track of a crawler vehicle, the carrier roller plays a pivotal role in supporting the track’s top section.Ensuring that it stays correctly tensioned and aligned during operation, and preventing it from sagging excessively or derailing.

With a construction of wear-resistant materials and a proprietary treatment to augment their durability, Carrier Roller Parts Company Quotes contributes significantly to reducing track degradation and heightening the working efficiency of crawler machinery. Each carrier roller part we craft derives from robust materials characterized by superior wear resistance and tensile strength.

Leading to an enhanced service life that operators greatly value for reducing machinery downtime and extending the lifespan of their equipment.Our after-sales service matches the quality of our Carrier Roller Parts Company Quotes. GT is committed to delivering support that is as comprehensive as our product range.


  • The automated heat treatment line we utilize employs advanced techniques for complete quenching, ensuring that each roller meets the rigorous technical requirements for this component. Control and inspection of the production line are managed by a computer system equipped with a sophisticated control mode and inspection method.
  • Our flexible roller assembly line is equipped with multiple working stations. Rollers undergo an automatic washing process before assembly, completed by a high-standard washer to ensure the cleanliness and sealing performance of the production, guaranteeing the quality of our Carrier Roller Parts Company Quotes.

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