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Description: Track Roller
Logo: Beneparts
Surface Hardness: 52 ~ 58
Color: Yellow or others
Production Method: Casting / Forging
Material: 40Mn


Track roller material
The roller body material is generally 50Mn, 40Mn2, and other materials. The main processes are casting or forging, mechanical processing, and then heat treatment. The hardness of the wheel surface after quenching should reach HRC45~52 to increase the wear resistance of the wheel surface. The machining accuracy of the supporting wheel shaft is relatively high, and generally requires CNC machine tools to process it to meet the requirements. The material is mostly 40Mn2, and it also needs to be quenched and heat treated after processing. The hardness reaches about HRC42.

Common problem
1. Wheel body wear. The reason for this situation is that the steel used is unqualified or the hardness of the material during heat treatment is low and the wear resistance is insufficient;

2. Oil leakage. The supporting wheel shaft is constantly rotating through the bushing, and the wheel body needs to be lubricated with oil. However, if the sealing ring is not good, oil leakage will easily occur. In this way, the shaft and bushing will easily wear without lubrication. The product cannot be used.

Cause of oil leakage:
1Floating oil seal is unqualified
2. The product shaft sleeve is not round enough
3. The pivot shaft is not glossy enough
4. Gear oil is not up to standard
5. Processing dimensional tolerance issues, etc. will cause oil leakage of the roller.

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