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Product name: excavator boom
Material: Q345B,Q550D
Rated Loading Capacity: 38 ton
Max. Lifting Height: 17.5m


Excavator long reach boom & arm introduction
It is used for construction transportation of soil, sand, concrete, etc., highway slope modification, river dredging, and earth and stone excavation operations such as building foundations, rivers, and deep ditches.

Since the cost of the two-section extension arm is relatively high, in order to save costs, arm sleeve products have appeared on the market, which is to add a sleeve arm to the original forearm of the excavator, and one section of the sleeve arm is placed on the original forearm of the excavator at Ma Toushan. The other end is equipped with a digging bucket (generally the bucket capacity will be 1/3 smaller than the original bucket) for operation.
Long-Reach Excavator Boom:
The Long reach arm is extended the scope of work. According to the working conditions and requirements of excavator It is the front end of the working device of excavator. The long reach arm require special design and manufacture.

Long Reach Package Includes:
1.Long Arm/Stick
2.Long Boom
4.Hydraulic Cylinders (For Arm & Bucket)
5.Pre-Plumbed Hydraulic Lines
6.Excavator not included

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