China Discount excavator long reach boom Suppliers Quotes

Product name: excavator boom
Material: Q345B,Q550D
Color: Yellow
Product Size: Most length can be 34M,According to customerrequirements


The excavator excavator long boom is an arm device that is lengthened according to specific parameters in order to meet the larger operating range of the excavator.

Excavator extension arms are widely used in earthworks, road construction, water conservancy projects, etc. It can expand the operating range of the excavator, deepen the excavation depth, and adapt to the needs of different excavation environments. For example, in road construction, the excavator extension arm can be used to excavate deep foundation pits or trenches to improve work efficiency.

In addition, the excavator’s extension arm can be adjusted in various angles according to project needs, and has a detachable design to facilitate the disassembly and replacement of working parts.

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