China Discount komatsu excavator long reach boom Company Quotes

Long Reach Boom is specially designed for excavators on long distant earthmoving needed situation. which can offer your machine an exceptional extended operating range it’s an ideal work tool for river and sea dredąina, pond and deep foundation excavation and slope finishing projects.


The Komatsu Excavator Long Reach Boom is an essential element of construction machinery, designed and built to assure the seamless, efficient, and sustainable operation of your equipment. Comprising hydraulic parts, engine components, chassis elements, and various attachments, these parts form the backbone of various sectors such as construction, mining, forestry, and much more. With the Komatsu Excavator Long Reach Boom, elevated productivity is ensured, operational costs are minimized, and maintenance downtime is reduced significantly.

The Komatsu Excavator Long Reach Boom is crafted from high-strength materials, capable of enduring harsh working environments, thus guaranteeing durability and reliability. Meticulous design and manufacturing are executed for each part to accommodate specific models, assuring optimal performance. Additionally, our offering consists of a myriad of parts including hydraulic cylinders, swing motors, gear boxes, and custom parts fitting various models.

The application of the Komatsu Excavator Long Reach Boom spans across several industries as follows:

1. Construction Industry: These excavators have a wide usage spanning from foundation digging to transferring of materials on construction sites.
2. Mining: In mining tasks, the key roles include deep digging, collecting ores, and earthworks.
3. Forestry: Excavators in forestry are applied for ground clearing and moving timber.
4. Utility Projects: For building or maintaining roads, power lines, pipelines, and more, excavators are a common sight.
5. Agriculture: Excavators play a major role in agriculture for tasks like ploughing the soil and developing water sources.

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