China Discount komatsu long reach boom Company Quotes

The long reach excavator is a development of the excavator with an especially long boom arm, which is primarily used for demolition and many other applications. Instead of excavating ditches, the high reach excavator is designed to reach the upper stories of buildings that are being demolished and pull down the structure in a controlled fashion. It has largely replaced the wrecking ball as the primary tool for demolition. The long arm can work in a tough and extreme working environment where other excavators can’t reach.


The Komatsu Long Reach Boom, a critical part of excavation machinery, ensures efficient, seamless, and long-lasting performance of the equipment. Constituted of hydraulic components, engine elements, chassis components, and numerous attachments, these parts are vital across multiple sectors like construction, mining, and forestry. With the Komatsu Long Reach Boom in operation, high productivity is guaranteed, operating costs are significantly diminished, and the downtime for maintenance is extensively curtailed.

Made from materials known for their high strength, the Komatsu Long Reach Boom withstands harsh working conditions, ensuring durability and reliability. Each part is meticulously designed and manufactured to adapt perfectly with a specific model, thus guaranteeing optimized performance. Our range of parts includes elements like hydraulic cylinders, swing motors, gearboxes, and other customized parts compatible with different models.

The versatility of Komatsu Long Reach Boom spans across several industries. Here are few to name:

1. Construction Industry: Excavators are extensively used in construction sites, performing operations like digging foundations and moving materials.
2. Mining: For deep excavation, ore collection, and earthwork, excavators are indispensable.
3. Forestry: Clearing ground vegetation and moving woods are tasks well handled by excavators.
4. Utilities: In utility projects, excavators are routinely seen in operations like road maintenance, power line work, and pipe-laying.
5. Agriculture: Excavators commonly handle soil cultivation and water source development in agriculture.

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