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Product name: excavator boom
Material: Q345B,Q550D
Rated Loading Capacity: 38 ton
Max. Lifting Height: 17.5m


1. Professional product design team
Based on usage experience, targeted design reduces common risks such as cracking and breakage of the excavator extension arm to a greater extent.
2. Automated processing equipment
Automatic cutting and blanking, edge milling machine for bevel processing, and boring machine for precise processing improve the quality of the excavator extension arm.
3. Industry standard welding technology
Carbon dioxide shielded welding, the weld has good crack resistance, beautiful shape, small deformation, and extends the life of the excavator extension arm.
4. Strict and detailed quality inspection
Ultrasonic flaw detection and more than 20 strict quality inspection processes provide more protection for the excavator’s extended arm.

For the excavator which do not usually do bigwork range excavating,extension arm is a was assembled on original stickincrease the work range.lf no need,also veryconvenient for dismantling.

Xiamen Globe Truth (GT) Industries Co.,Ltd is aIntegration of production and marketing Excavator spare parts supplier
,supply undercarriage parts . We can provide grab buckets, extension arms, demolition arms, buckets and excavator accessories such as breakers, piling hammers, ripper and other supporting working equipment according to customer working conditions.

Over the years, GT has followed suit. The business philosophy of “the right product is the best product” is based on integrity and quality, adheres to the development direction of precision and expertise, implements quality strategies, builds characteristic brands, attaches great importance to personalized product design, and continuously carries out Technological innovation in order to maximize customer value improvement needs.

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