China Discount Spare Parts Carrier Roller Manufacturers Quotes

We are using advance machining centre,horizontal and vertical CNC machining to execute processes such as machining, drilling, threading and milling to ensure the qulity and precision of each component to ensure the accuracy of assembly dimensions.


Spare Parts Carrier Roller Company Quotes are a core crawler equipment component used to support and guide the tracks of equipment such as excavators and bulldozers, maintaining their smoothness and symmetry when the equipment is traveling. Our Spare Parts Carrier Roller Company Quotes are made from a special alloy to enhance its wear and pressure resistance, ensuring good performance in high pressure and high wear environments. For excavators, bulldozers and other equipment, the precision design and manufacturing of Carrier Roller is very important. Our products adopt heavy-duty design structures to withstand greater workloads while reducing equipment maintenance time and costs.

Through precise engineering, our Spare Parts Carrier Roller Company Quotes can handle up to several tons of weight without undue wear and tear. This means it can bear the full weight of your device, making it more stable for action on a variety of terrains. Carrier Roller reduces friction generated during equipment movement through its internal sliding system, thereby reducing energy loss and improving equipment efficiency. The surface of Spare Parts Carrier Roller Company Quotes have been specially treated to show strong corrosion resistance and is especially suitable for harsh working environments.

The main material properties of Spare Parts Carrier Roller Company Quotes are as follows:

1. High-strength steel: Handling rollers are typically made of high-strength steel and are designed to withstand the extreme forces and loads experienced by heavy machinery and equipment. This strong structure distributes weight evenly throughout the entire track.
2. Wear-resistant alloy material: Transport rollers are usually made of high-quality steel or alloy materials. These materials are very wear-resistant and can ensure the performance and service life of the equipment under harsh working conditions.
3. Special hardness surface treatment: Some models of carrier roller products, such as Cat Bulldozer’s Undercarriage Top Roller, use casting or forging production processes, and the product material is 35MnB/50Mn. Its surface hardness reaches HRC52-58, its depth is 8-12 mm, and it has good wear resistance.

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