China excavator undercarriage sprocket segment supplier

The undercarriage sprocket segment is a crucial component of an excavator’s undercarriage system. Its duty is transferring power from the machine’s drive system to the tracks which enabling the excavator to move forward or backward.



To cater the need of withstand heavy loads, abrasion, and impact encountered in rugged working environments, the undercarriage sprocket segment uses the forged steel or cast-iron act as the raw material. At the same time, the robust construction ensures the durability and long service life of the undercarriage sprocket segment, even under demanding operating conditions.

Usually, the undercarriage sprocket segment consists of teeth that engage with the track links. It can provide traction and driving force to propel the excavator. And to make the users can obtain the best power transmission efficiency, each tooth are precisely machined to mesh smoothly with the track links.

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