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Description: Track Roller
Logo: Beneparts
Surface Hardness: 52 ~ 58
Color: Yellow or others
Production Method: Casting / Forging
Material: 40Mn


The function of track rollers
1. Provide stability and balance
Since excavators often work on unstable ground, track wheels are very important to the stability of the operator and the machine itself. Heavy-duty rollers maintain stability while moving, allowing the excavator to remain balanced anywhere on the construction site without worrying about it tilting or collapsing.

2. Help control direction and steering
Rollers also help control and adjust the position and direction of the excavator, thereby improving its operating efficiency. On construction sites, controllers can use heavy-duty rollers for directional traffic and steering to ensure the machine moves correctly in its path.

3. Distribute excavator weight
The role of the rollers is also to distribute the weight of the excavator on different wheels to increase the load-bearing capacity of each wheel. This is because the track wheels are further away from the other wheels and provide weight to reduce the risk of the rear excavator jamming.

4. Protect work surfaces
Rolling wheels also play an important role on the construction site by protecting the customer’s ground or foundation. Because the concentrated weight of the excavator creates pressure on the ground, damage can occur if the excavator is on unstable ground or is operating poorly. Heavy-duty rollers distribute weight around the machine, reducing impact on the foundation and leaving the construction site looking pristine.

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