China Famous excavator bucket adapter Manufacturers Quotes

Model NO.: 61QA-31320
Material: Low Alloy Steel
Hardness: 48-52HRC
Specification: R385


Excavator bucket adapter is an important part of the excavator, similar to human teeth, is also a wearing part, is a combination of tooth base and tooth tip, the two are connected by the pin shaft. Because the bucket tooth wear failure part is the tooth tip, as long as the tooth tip can be replaced..
Xiamen Globe Truth (GT) Industries Co.,Ltd is a leading Excavator spare parts supplier. Our company is primarily involved in the development and sales of bucket teeth and adapters of Ground engaging tools parts,for ground digging and earth moving.
Our company can also provide the most satisfactory OEM China undercarriage parts according to the customers drawings and requirements.
If you could send us detailed drawings, specifications, quality requirement, and actual samples which would be highly appreciated, we will provide you not only the most satisfactory process service but also very competitive price.
If you have any needs, pls feel free to contact us.

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