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Long reach boom are use for dredging rivers port construction, railway construction and groundwork construction, with high extensive operation scope, high efficiency and high security.


Long Reach Boom Arm
The advantages of a special arm include:
1. Expanded Working Range:A special arm extends the excavator’s reach to areas that are challenging for standard arms to access.
2. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Designed for specialized environments like deep pits or high walls, a special arm enables more efficient work.
3. Tailored for Specific Tasks:Special arms can accommodate unique excavation and handling tasks such as riverbed dredging or debris removal after blasting.
4. Customized Performance: Depending on the job requirements, the length, angles, and attachments of a special arm can be customized for optimal task execution.
5. Time and Cost Savings: Special arms reduce the need for frequent repositioning of the excavator, thus saving time and fuel costs.
6. Reduced Excavator Wear: By enabling work at greater distances, special arms minimize the frequent movement of the excavator over short distances, thus reducing wear and tear.
A special arm for excavators is a highly tailored solution designed to meet specific operational demands.
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