China OEM d6c track roller Company Quotes

Description: Track Roller
Logo: Beneparts
Surface Hardness: 52 ~ 58
Color: Yellow or others
Production Method: Casting / Forging
Material: 40Mn


The track roller system of a crawler hydraulic excavator usually consists of the wheel body 5, the shaft assembly 1, the bushing 4, the floating seal ring 3, the O-ring 2, the outer cover 6, etc. (see Figure 1 below). In the actual design process, the working conditions are often less considered, and the impact load during actual operation is not considered. The vibration of the fuselage will bring a very large impact force to the supporting wheel system. During the actual operation of the roller, the wheel body and the wheel axle often break. It is necessary for us to learn from advanced foreign experience and improve the structure in a timely manner.

In the past, the technology was relatively backward, and the left and right wheel bodies were usually cast. When the wheel body is washed away by load, if the quality control of the casting is not good and the strength of the casting does not meet the requirements, cracks will easily occur. Further cracks will cause the wheel body to break.

In order to effectively solve this problem, it was decided to improve the wheel structure. In order to improve the strength of the wheel body, we use the forging process, which saves the cost of making casting molds. After the wheel body is forged, its strength will be significantly improved, further increasing the service life of the wheel body and having better performance than casting. In order to ensure the strength of the wheel body, it was decided to use AISI4340 steel and directly use the forging method to forge the blank, and the efficiency of the process is relatively high.

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