China OEM d8n bottom roller Suppliers Quotes

Model NO.: D7G, D8N, D9L, D9N, D10N, D11N
Material: 40mn2 or 50mn
Surface Hardness: HRC 50-58, Depth 4-10 mm
Technique: Forging or Casting


Product Description:
The process of crawler rollers is to heat various castings to a temperature of 860-900℃, insulate the original matrix to completely austenitize, then cool it in oil or molten salt to achieve quenching, and then heat, maintain and temper at 250-350℃ , the original matrix is converted into tempered martensite and retained austenite structures, and the shape of the original spherical graphite remains unchanged. Ductile castings require higher hardness as bearings, and the guide wheel assemblies often quench and temper the cast iron at low temperatures.

The treated castings have high hardness and certain toughness. GT retains the lubrication properties of graphite and improves the wear resistance. The products obtained by investment casting are complex and close to the shape of the part. They can be used directly without or with little processing. It is a near-net-shape forming process and a unique process technology in the foundry industry. It is widely used.

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