China OEM dozer bottom roller Manufacturers Quotes

Model NO.: D7G, D8N, D9L, D9N, D10N, D11N
Material: 40mn2 or 50mn
Surface Hardness: HRC 50-58, Depth 4-10 mm
Technique: Forging or Casting


How to continuously improve the wear resistance of supporting wheel materials
1. Material selection and optimization
Choosing materials with excellent wear resistance is the basis for improving the wear resistance of rollers. At present, there are many materials with excellent wear resistance on the market, such as high-strength alloy steel, ceramic composite materials, etc. We can select suitable materials for manufacturing according to the use environment and specific requirements of the rollers.
2. Improvement of production process
The production process also has an important impact on the wear resistance of the roller material. The traditional production process may have some limitations, such as low processing accuracy, improper heat treatment process, etc. These factors will affect the wear resistance of the rollers.
3. Structural design and optimization
Structural design and optimization are also important ways to improve the wear resistance of rollers. Reasonable structural design can reduce friction and wear of the roller during work. For example, we can optimize the design of the rim shape and size of the roller to make it more suitable for use and reduce unnecessary friction and wear.

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