China OEM Excavator Undercarriage Parts Segment Factory Pricelist

Size P.R. Pattern Name Overall Diameter(mm) Section Width(mm) Rim Load Capacity (kgs) Inflation Pressure (kpa) Type
6.00-12 6 R-1 635 152 4.50E 405 250 TT
6.00-14 8 R-1 690 165 4.50E 600 250 TT
6.00-16 6 R-1 745 165 4.50E 495 250 TT
6.50-16 6 R-1 765 180 5.50F 565 250 TT
7.50-16 6 R-1 810 205 4.50F 800 280 TT
7.50-20 8 R-1 910 205 5.5F 900 280 TT
8.3-20 10 R-1 788 210 W7 695 240 TT

The China OEM Excavator Undercarriage Parts Segment is crucial for the construction of towering edifices, agricultural tasks, and earthmoving projects. The reliability of heavy machinery, be it bulldozers or excavators, hinges largely on the quality of their undercarriage components. Utilizing a China OEM Excavator Undercarriage Parts Segment that meets superior manufacturing standards is essential for ensuring the dependability and endurance of these critical parts. Adherence to strict quality control measures by the manufacturers is key to guaranteeing their longevity and ability to withstand harsh operational demands.

Offering a comprehensive one-stop solution for China OEM Excavator Undercarriage Parts Segment, we handle everything from procurement to prompt delivery and dedicated after-sales service. We understand that every single component matters, especially those that serve as the groundwork for your equipment’s performance.

Opting for a high-quality China OEM Excavator Undercarriage Parts Segment yields significant benefits:

  1. Enhanced Equipment Performance: Premium undercarriage parts keep machinery running at peak performance, even in varied working environments.
  2. Lowered Upkeep Expenses: Durable and precisely engineered parts reduce the need for frequent maintenance, cutting down on costs.
  3. Increased Equipment Longevity: High-quality components are more resistant to wear and tear, reducing the potential for damage as time goes by.
  4. Improved Safety: Dependable undercarriage parts lower the risk of operational failure and, consequently, workplace accidents.

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