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Product Name:Track Chain/Track link
Material : 35MnB
Finish: Smooth
Colors:Black or yellow
Technique: Forging/Casting
Surface Hardness: HRC52-59,deepth: 8-12mm
Certification: ISO9001-9002


As an important part of machinery, the track chain’s matching directly affects the stability and work efficiency of the machinery. To ensure that the track chain matches the machinery, here are some key steps and considerations:

1. Cleaning and preparation
Before installing or replacing the track chain, be sure to thoroughly clean the machine and crawler chain. Remove dirt, oil and impurities from the machinery and ensure that the installation surface of the track chain is clean and free of foreign matter.

2. Fixing with positioning rivets
When installing the track chain, it needs to be positioned correctly and fixed with rivets. Make sure each rivet is firm and reliable to prevent the track chain from loosening or falling off during use.

3. Adjust the tightness
The tightness of the track chain is crucial to the stability and work efficiency of the machinery. Too tight or too loose may cause unstable mechanical operation or failure.

Choosing high-quality products can fundamentally extend the service life of the crawler chain and reduce your maintenance time and energy.

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