China OEM undercarriage lower roller Products For Sale

  • Features body:Surface Hardness HRC 52~58Use MnB as material and fully heat-treated technology to enhance wear-resistance.
  • Axle:Surface heat-treated to ensure the strength and performance of products/ using 100% Digital-control processing device to ensure the dimensional accuracy and quality stability .
  • Cover: Made by high-quality casting steel
  • Seal:Special casting steel ring with O-ring, apply to extremely working environment
  • Sleeve:Surface-coated with Copper to enhance wear-resistance

Track Roller is a key component used to support and guide the tracks of tracked vehicles . They are located at the bottom of the vehicle and are in direct contact with the ground, helping tracked vehicles move smoothly over various terrains.GT’s accessories are very popular on the job site. For all types of large vehicles as well as heavy equipment, undercarriage lower roller is indispensable. GT’s Track Roller uses environmentally friendly materials and has the highest configuration. It can operate stably even in harsh environments. I know your large machine needs this accessory.

I can guarantee you that our after-sales team will serve you 24 hours a day. When you encounter any problems or difficulties, we can help you solve them as soon as possible. undercarriage lower roller is all goods drawings can be provided for verification after confirming the order to prevent the goods from being inapplicable due to size and other issues. GT is your trusted Track Roller supplier. Not only do we provide quality undercarriage lower roller, we also focus on building great customer relationships. In order to better understand our Track Roller, you are welcome to contact us at any time. Our team will afford you with the most comprehensive information to help you make the most appropriate choice.

Undercarriage lower roller certificates obtained

1.Kenya SGS , Nigeria SONCAP,
2.Saudi Arabia SASO , Côte d’Ivoire BSC ,
3.Australia Form A Pakistan/ Chile FTA
4.Ghana (West Africa) ECTN , Uganda COC,
5.South East Asia Form E
6.Algeria Invoice Certification (Embassy) .

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