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The grapple is a kind of efficiency tool for loading and unloading log, which is suitable to be used on the site such as port, forestry center and wood yard. According to different crane, the timber grab could be divided into three types, that is single rope, double rope and four ropes.

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Grab Bucket Feature

● Imported motor, stable speed, large torque, long service life.

● Use special steel, light, high elasticity, high were-resistance

● Maximum open width, Minimum weight an Maximum performance.

● can be clockwise,counterclockwise 360 degrees free rotation.

● Use special rotating gear that can be pro-long products life an reduce the maintenance cost.

Grab Bucket Struction

Max open 2800 mm
Self weight 2280 kg
Close height 2230 mm
Grabbing Capacity 4 ton
Flow requirements for grabbing 90~260L/min
Flow requirements for rotating 16~25L/min
Rotating RPM 10r/min
Material Q345B+Hardox 450
Warranty 6 months

Grab Bucket Application

Widely used in sugar cane, wood, pipe, grass,material moving and handling and other special usage.

1. Unlimited clockwise and anti-clockwise 360 degree rotatable. Special designed swing bearing for durability and big cylinder for more power

2. Check valve is embedded for better safety shock value enclosed for better safety from damage

3. Wear resistant special solid steel is used and no extra reinforcement is requirement.

4. The wide opening width with light weight, not only outstanding performance handling the iron bar but also maximize his operation efficiency with light weight.

5. Minimized hydraulic trouble which may occur during rotating works.

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