Excavator Bucket Tooth Locking Pin Lock and Washer For 9J2258 8J1433 209-70-54240

Excavator Bucket Tooth Locking Pin Lock and Washer For 9J2258 8J1433 209-70-54240

Product description

art No.: 209-70-54240
Description: Pin
Color: Yellow or others
Weight: 1.6Kg
Production Method: Forging
Material: 40Cr
Chemical Component: Please contact with our sales to know details.
Hardness: HRC38-42
Impact: ≥15J (25ºC)
Tensile Strength: ≥1450Rm-N/mm²
Yield Strength: ≥1100Re-N/mm²

Product Structure

Excavator Bucket Tooth Locking Pin Lock and Washer For 9J2258 8J1433 209-70-54240 Excavator Bucket Tooth Locking Pin Lock and Washer For 9J2258 8J1433 209-70-54240

Products we can supply

Part number Measurement Description
132-1008 94mmX25.4mm Pin
132-0999 63.5mmX63.5mmX12.7mm Retainer
5K1452 Pin
1U1588 Pin
7J9600 Pin
1274-5103 3/4″ Washer
7T2479 Pin
4406318 Fastener pin
113-4708 Pin
201-1239 Pin
133-0738 PIN
3K5234 1″ Washer
1495733 Φ13.3*Φ27*8,J225,J250,J300 Lock
6Y9459 Φ18.2*Φ35*8.5 J350 Lock
VT9J2308 Pin
VT8E6259 Pin
8T5559 lock
8E8559 J550 retainer
8E4708 Φ32*197 J700 Pin
9W9026 Pin
9W8296 Pin
9W7112 J200 Pin
9W2678 Pin
9W2668 Pin
9W1821 155mmX34.93mm Pin
9U9616 Pin
9N4245 Pin
9J9600 Φ25*120 Pin
9J9308 Pin
9J8442 Pin
9J6583 Pin
9J2358 J350 Pin
9J2308 Φ14*93,J300 Pin
9J2258 J250 Pin
8J1433 Pin
8E8469 Φ23*Φ38*8.5,J460 J450 Lock
8E8409 Φ21.1*Φ35*8.5,J400 Lock
8E6469 Pin
8E6359 Φ18.2*Φ35*8.5,J350,J460 Lock
8E6358 Φ19*107,J350 Pin
8E6259 Φ13.3*Φ27*8,J225,J250,J300 Lock
8E6258 Φ14*78,J250 Pin
8E6209 Φ105*Φ19*6 J200 Lock
8E6208 Φ11*61 J200 Pin
8E6028 Pin
8E5559 Φ24*Φ47*9,J550 Lock
8E4743 Lock
8E2230 70mm lock
8E2229 170mmX34.93mm Pin
8E0469 Lock
8E0468 Pin
7T3409 Retainer
7T3408 Pin
7K9535 Pin
6Y8558 Pin
6Y3909 153X31.75mm Pin
6Y3394 128X25.4mm Pin
6Y3228 J225 Pin
6Y2527 J460 Pin
6Y1205 Retainer
6Y1204 Pin
6Y1202 Retainer
6J8811 Φ31.8*115 Pin
6I9609 Pin
6I6609 Φ29*Φ50*10,J600 Lock
6I6608 Φ30*195,J600 Pin
9F5116 Pin
5K1458 retainer
5K1426 Pin
5K1425 Pin
4T4708 Pin
4T4707 70mm lock
4T2479 Pin
4T1458 J460 Pin
4T0001 J200 Pin
4K0043 Pin
4K0041 Pin
4K0033 Pin
4K0032 Pin
4K0008 Pin
4K0006 Pin
3G9609 J250,J300 Retainer
3G9559 J550 Retainer
3G9549 J350,J460 Retainer
3G9459 Pin
3G0500 Φ32*152 Pin
2011238 DRS230 Pin
1U4208 J200 Pin
1U2405 lock
1U1558 J550 Pin
1U0990 Pin
1U0739 Pin
149-5733 Pin
136-8308 J300 Pin
1341809 Retainer
1341808 Pin


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