Excavator Bulldozer Undercarriage – Track Adjuster Cylinder Assembly

The major function of track adjuster is to adjust the tension degree of track shoe assy. When the track shoe assy walks, it will generate huge tension to let the idler move to sprocket, at the same time, it will compress the track adjuster to let the track shoe assy loose, so the track adjuster have a role of buffering and protecting.

Product Detail

Excavator Bulldozer Undercarriage – Track Adjuster Cylinder Assembly


Product detail information
Description: Track Adjuster Cylinder Spring Recoil AssemblyFor Excavator Bulldozer Undercarriage part
Place of origin: China
Brand name: PT’ZM
Model number
Price: Negotiate
Packaging details: Fumigate seaworthy packing
Delivery time: 7-30 days
Payment term: L/C T/T
Price term: FOB/ CIF/ CFR
Minimum order quantity: 1 PC
Supply Ability: 10000 PCS/month
Material: 60Si2Mn /45# /QT450-10
Technique: Forging
Finish: Smooth
Hardness: HRC45-55
Quality: mining operation heavy duty high-end quality
Warranty time: 24 months
After-sales service: Video technical support,Online support
Color: Black or Customer required
Application: Bulldozer & Crawler excavator

Manufacture of compression coil spring with cold drawn spring steel wire
For the lathe coil spring, after the coil spring process, it must be cut off to separate several connected springs into a single spring. For some important springs, a blank height classification process can be added before grinding the end face to ensure the grinding quality. The grinding process can also be divided into rough grinding and fine grinding, and deburring or chamfering can be carried out after rough grinding.

Manufacture of stretch coil spring with cold drawn spring steel wire
The manufacture of stretch coil spring can be completed in one time in the spring winding process for some typical shackles by using a special automatic spring winding machine. It is worth noting that the stress relief tempering process after coiling is to eliminate the residual stress generated during coiling, while the tempering process after making the hook ring is to eliminate the internal stress generated during making the hook ring. Although these two processes have the function of eliminating internal stress, they can not be combined into one process, because the former tempering process has the function of “setting” to ensure the relative position accuracy of the shackle. And the heating temperature of the later tempering process must not be higher than that of the previous tempering process.

Manufacture of torsion coil spring with cold drawn spring steel wire
Similar to the stretch spring, the manufacture of torsion coil spring uses a special automatic spring winding machine. For some typical torsion arms, it can be completed at one time in the spring winding process. There are two typical technological processes for the production of torsion coil spring. One is to cut the material to a certain length first, and then to roll the spring and other processes, such as the technological process of double arm torsion spring; The other is similar to the process flow of the tension spring, but different from: the tension spring is used to make the hook ring, while the torsion spring is used to make the torsion arm. Because the direction of residual stress is opposite to working stress, tempering process is often omitted to reduce the peak value of working stress. However, tempering treatment can stabilize the grain structure of spring material and reduce the deformation of spring torsion arm caused by collision during transportation. Strong torsion treatment is also a process arranged for a few special torsion springs.

Coil spring made from spring steel wire supplied in annealed state
The alloy spring steel wire supplied in annealed state is mainly used to manufacture compression coil spring. Its technological process is different from that mentioned above. It is mainly quenched and tempered after forming, and normalized when manufacturing the end of spring. Other processes are basically the same.

Technological process of hot coil big spring
The spring with material diameter larger than 12mm is often called big spring, which is usually made by hot forming method. The hot coil spring is basically a compression coil spring. Hot coil springs are all cored coil springs. As for the coiling conical spiral compression spring, it is difficult to “open the gear” (roll out the pitch) during coiling, so it has the task of opening the gear in the calibration process. In addition, in order to ensure the quenching temperature, the correction process must be accurate and rapid. Otherwise, it must be reheated during quenching. In order to improve the fatigue life of hot coil spring, shot peening should be carried out as far as possible when conditions permit.

The utility model relates to a new tensioning cylinder used in a tensioning device of an excavator
A device applied to the excavator when tight in the new type of rose oil cylinder, piston rod inside put in cylinder block, cylinder body of the lateral end set oil hole, the oil injection hole through to the interior of the piston rod, the oil hole is at the entrance to the set have small oil cup, small oil cup set have grease nipple, cylinder screw in the outer wall of cylinder body, the screw of the inner end connected with a piston rod end fixed and the screwThe joint of the rod and the piston rod is provided with a sealing ring, the sealing ring is arranged at the bottom end of the cylinder body;The lower end of the outer wall of the piston rod and the inner wall of the cylinder body are provided with a guide sleeve, oil seal and retaining ring;The outer end of the screw is fixedly provided with a nut, and the outer side of the nut is provided with a stop gasket.The utility model has the advantages of novel structure, more regular shape, more scientific structure combination, more advanced technology, standard material, high strength, more stable quality, more firm and durable, and longer service life.

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