Excavator Hydraulic Hammer Breaker

A breaker is a powerful percussion hammer fitted to an excavator for demolishing hard (rock or concrete) structures. It is powered by an auxiliary hydraulic system from the excavator, which is fitted with a foot-operated valve for this purpose.

Breaker description

Hydraulic breaker(pecker) hammers are used for mining, demolition, construction, quarry.
They can be mounted on all common hydraulic excavators as well as mini-excavator and other carriers like skid steer loader, backhoe loader, crane, telescopic handler, wheel loader, and other machinery.


1. Mining: Mountains, mining, crushing, secondary crushing.
2.Municipal gardens: concrete crushing, water, electricity, gas engineering construction, the transformation of the old city.
3.Building: the old building demolition, reinforced concrete broken.
4.The ship hull in mussels.
5.Other: ice breaking, breaking the Vibrating Sand.

Breaker Model we can supply

Model GT53 GT70 GT75 GT58 GT100 GT135 GT140 GT150 GT155 GT165 GT175 GT180
CAT 305.5 307 85 312 320 320 330 330 336 E450
307 315 E200 325 E345
KOMATSU PC45 PC70 PC100 PC200 PC200 PC300 PC300 PC360 PC450 PC500
PC60 PC100 PC120 PC210 PC220 PC270 PC360 PC400 PC500
PC50 PC220
HITACHI EX25 EX35 EX60W EX60W EX100 EX200 EX210 EX270 EX300 ZAX360 ZX450
EX27 EX55 ZX50U ZX70 EX100WD EX210 EX220 EX300 ZX330
EX30 ZX35U ZX120 EX220 ZX200 ZX270 ZX350
UE30 ZX50U ZX130W ZX210 ZX210 ZX300 ZX360
EX33 ZX160W ZX230 ZX230
ZX240 ZX240
ZX180 ZX250
KOBELCO SK015 SK25 SK60 SK60 SK100 SK200 SK270 SK300 SK300 350 SK450
SK15 SK30 SK130 SK210E SK220 SK320 SK320
SK16 SK60 SK230 SK230 SK330
SK25 SK220 SK350
VOLVO EC30 MXSE25 EC210 EC210 MX452LC EC290 EC360 EC460
EC25 EC240 EX290B EC350 EC420 EC450
LIEBHEER A310 A310 R312 R904 R904 R954UT R934 R954C
R914 R914 R952 R944
SUMTOMO S25 S160 S35 S40 S260 S280 SH300 S340 SH450
S140 S250 S260 SH200 SH200 SH340 SH300
S265 SH210 SH210 SH350
SH240 SH240
KATO HD180G HD250 HD399 HD450 HD700 HD921 HD1250 HD1200 HD2600
HD250 HD400 HD400 HD512 HD800 HD1023 HD1430 HD1250
DH820 HD1100 HD1430
JONYANG JY35 JY161 JY320 JY320 JY320
ATLAS 2005LC 2006LC 2306LC 2606LC
2106LC 2106LC 3306LC
DOOSAN DAWEOO DH220 DH220 DH300 DH300 DH370 DH420
DH225 DH225 DH330 DH330 DH420 DH500
DH258 DH380
HYUNDAI R200 R200 R390 R360 R505
R210 R210 R300 R290 R420 R430
R215 R220 R305 R305 R430 R455
R220 R215 R330 R300
R225 R225 R260 R360
R245 R330

Breaker shipping packing

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