Excavator Parts for PC300-5 PC300-6 PC400-3 PC400-5 Track Link Assembly

Track chain is used for models as below:
track chain used for Caterpillar, for Komatsu, for Hitachi, for Kolbeco, for Daewoo, for Kato, for Daewoo, for Hyundai, for Sumitomo, for Mitsubishi etc.

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Product Detail

Test Report of Track Shoe Group
Model pc40-7 Specification 135*40 P.D.
Name Track Shoe Group Part No. H2914I01 Inspection Date
No. Test Items Test Method Test report
1 Be free of fash,burr etc.Painting and packing well. Vision Visual is OK
2 Turn freely,between each link without interference,each three links turn freely Hand Plate Turn freely
3 Between two links,forward angel>=35°,Reverse angle>=7° Hand Plate forward angle>=45°,Reverse angle>=7°
4 After assembly,straightness of each 10 links<=4mm backup plate straightness of each 10 links<=4mm
5 Distance between bolt 64 Go-No go fixed gauge Qualified
6 Distance between bolt 94 Go-No go fixed gauge Qualified
7 Width of track link 38.5 Caliper 38.7-39.3
8 Width of track link 88.3 Caliper 87.9-88.6
9 Torque of track bolt and nut 165N.m Screwing Machine

Specification of track link assy for bulldozer-lubricated type fit for model:

D30 D31*40 D3B D3C D4D D4E D41 D50 D53A D58E D60*37 D65*37 TY160*37 T160 D6C*44 D6D*36

D6H*39 D7G*38 D80*38 D85*38 TY220*38 TY230*38 D155*41 D150*41 TY320*41 SD8*43 D355*39 D375

PD410*40 D9H D9G

PC60-3 LINK(42L)12.3mm 135
PC60-6, PC75 LINK(39L)14.3mm 154
PC120-3 LINK(43L) 14.3mm 154
PC100-5 LINK(42L)16.3mm 175
PC200-5/6 LINK(45L)20.3mm 190
LINK(49L)None Seal 190
PC200-3 LINK(46L)18.3mm 190
LINK(46L)None Seal 190
PC300-3 LINK(47L)20.0mm 203
LINK(47L)None Seal 203
PC300-5 LINK(47L)22.0mm 203
PC300-6 LINK(48L) 216
PC400-3 LINK(53L)22.3mm 216
PC400-5 LINK(49L)24.3mm 216
PC400-6 LINK(49L) 229
PC650 LINK(47L) 260.4
PC1000-3 LINK(51L) 260
PC1100-6/1250-7 LINK948L) 260
E70 LINK(42L) 135
E311 LINK(41L) 171.45
CAT213/215 LINK(49L) 171.45
E110 LINK(43L) 171.45
CAT225 LINK(43L) 171.1
CAT225B LINK(46L) 175.5
CAT225D LINK(49L) 19.3mm 190
CAT320 LINK(45L) 190
CAT325 LINK(45L) 203
CAT330 LINK(45L) 215.9
CAT235 LINK(49L) 215.9
EX40/45 LINK(38L) 135
EX60 LINK(37L) 154
EX100 LINK(41L) 171.45
EX100M(EX150) LINK(45L) 171.45
EX200-1 LINK(48L) 175.5
EX200-3 LINK(46L) 190
EX300 LINK(47L) 203
ZX330 LINK(45L) 216
EX400-1 LINK(49L) 216
EX550 LINK(53L) 228
EX700/750/800 LINK(51L) 260
EX1100-3 LINK(52L) 260
SK60 LINK(38L) 154
SK120 LINK(43L) 171.1
K907B LINK(48L) 175.4
SK200 LINK(49L) 190
SK300 LINK(47L) 203
SK480LC LINK(50L) 228
HD770 LINK(47L) 175.5
S50 LINK(40L) 135
S220 LINK(52L) 175.5
S220-3 LINK(49L) 190
S280 LINK(47L) 203
MX55 LINK(39L) 135
MX135 LINK(46L) 171.45
SE210 LINK(54L) 171.1
SE210-2 LINK(45L) 190
SE280-2 LINK(47L) 203
SE350 LINK(48L) 216
SE450 LINK(52L) 216
R500 LINK(40L) 135
R1300-3 LINK(46L) 171.45
R2000 LINK(54L) 171.45
R210-7 LINK(49L) 190
R280 LINK(51L) 203
R290-7 LINK(48L) 216
R360 LINK(51L) 216
R450 LINK(53L) 216
FIAT 25 LINK(34L) 125
FL4 LINK(35L) 140
FL6 LINK(35L) 160
FIAT 7C/FL9 LINK(45L) 170
FH200 LINK(48L) 176
FH300 LINK(47L) 202.9
HD11B LINK(56L) 177.8
LS4300Q LINK(50L) 203


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Excavator Parts for PC300-5 PC300-6 PC400-3 PC400-5 Track Link Assembly

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Excavator Parts for PC300-5 PC300-6 PC400-3 PC400-5 Track Link Assembly

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