excavator rubber track roller supplier in China

Rubber Track Rollers, it also named rubber-coated track rollers or cushioned track rollers. Its appearance is for the undercarriage components of compact construction equipment and lighter tracked vehicles. Unlike traditional steel track rollers, they incorporate rubber elements to reduce vibration, noise, and ground impact.


Compares with the traditional steel track rollers, it can bring more comfort for operator and improve the machines’ versatility when the excavator works on the sensitive or hard surfaces. As for its casing, we can know from its name that the outer surface of the roller typically consists of a durable rubber layer. This rubber casing provides shock absorption and improves traction.

And to ensure the rubber track roller can handle the machine’s weight and operational stresses, we always use the strong metal or composite structure to form the backbone of the roller.

The rubber track roller can not only reduce noise, it can also protect surface which makes it suits in landscaping, indoor construction, or on finished concrete.

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