High Quality 8E6208/8E6209 Excavator Bucket Teeth/Tooth

1. Bucket Teeth Material Available: Carbon steel, Alloy steel(high Manganese steel, high Chromium steel, etc)
2. Moulding processing Available: Green Sand or Resin Sand Casting.
3. The bucket teeth are under Quenching and tempering treatment. Our bucket teeth have good physical Performance and can be used for a long time.

Product Detail

Xiamen Globe Truth (GT) Industries Co., Ltd.
Product Information Bucket Tooth/Bucket Teeth
Material Alloy Steel
Finish Smooth
Impact ≥15J (25ºC)
Technique Forging & casting
Surface Hardness HB 470-520
Warranty Time 2000 hour (Normal life 4000 hours)
Certification ISO9001-9002
Tensile Strength ≥1450Rm-N/mm²
Yield Strength ≥1100Re-N/mm²
Delivery Time Within 30 days after contract established
Package Fumigate seaworthy packing
Payment Term (1)T/T,30% in deposit,balance on the receipt of copy of B/L(2)L/C,Irrevocable letter of credit at sight
Business Scope Bulldozer & excavator undercarriage parts,underground engage tools,hydraulic track press,hydraulic pump etc…


Products list

8E6208 U11314 1073308 22PN 25-30LKR 25-30LKR
8E6209 U12991 1020101 18PN 35-40LKR 35-40LKR
8E6258 1U4208 1073378 25-30PN 45LKR 45LKR
8E6259 1U1558 1073469 35PN 50LKR 50LKR
8E6358 1U2405 1078559 40PN 55LKR 55LKR
8E6359 1U0739 1029062 45PN 77LKR 77LKR
8E0468 1U0990 1012874 50PN 36LK 36LK
8E0469 U11434 1130699 55PN 46LK 46LK
8E8409 U12999 1495733 77PN 56LK 56LK
8E8469 U12998 112195 36PN 66LK 66LK
8E5559 U17269 112196 46PN 76LK 76LK
8E4743 U13695 1324762 56PN 86LK 86LK
8E2229 7T3408 1324763 66PN 22LK 22LK
8E2230 7K9535 1324766 76PN 37LK 37LK
6Y3228 4T1458 1140358 86PN 47LK 47LK
6Y8558 4T4708 1167408 18PNR 18LK 18LK
6Y2527 4T4707 1140468 25-30PNR 25-30LK 25-30LK
6Y3394 4T0001 1139608 35PNR 35-40LK 35-40LK
6Y3909 4T2479 1341808 40PNR 45LK 45LK
6Y1202 2209090 1140359 45PNR 50LK 50LK
6Y1204 2209110 1167409 50PNR 55LK 55LK
6Y1205 2209130 1139609 55PNR 77LK 77LK
6I6608 2862110 1134708 77PNR 18LKR 18LKR
6I6609 233-7150 1134707 57LK 27LK 27LK
6J8811 232-0170 1134709 KOMATSU VOLVO
9J2258 4K0008 1341809 2017000150 P400HD V13-V17
9J2308 4K0006 1359350 20X7000100 P410 V18-V19
9J2358 4K0033 EM1003 2097054240 P450 V20PN
9W9026 4K0032 EM1004 4277013770 P475P V23
9J9600 4K0043 5K1458 4277013790 P500 V29
9W2668 4K0041 5K1459 1757821810 P290STP V29-2
9N4245 2011238 5K1426 2017024150 P330STP V33
9W2678 2011239 5K1425 20X7014170 P370STP V39
9U9616 2K6413 P295 2057019610 P400STP V43
9J8442 3G0500 P335 2057069130 P410STP V51
9W7112 3G9609 P385 1987911320 P450STP V51-2
9J6583 3G9549 PDB31183.2 A037811730 09244-02489 V59
8J1433 3G9559 9W1821 4268471130 09244-02496 V59-2
8E4708H 3G9459 9W8296 1957871360 09244-02508 V61
OTHER 1987821410 09244-02516 V69
KRPA3 57V/KIT 6254673 1987821340 09244-03036 V700
KRIA3 C3 6257675 1757821740 XS115 V71
R2PN 3001359<954> 6254677 19N7811371 XS145 V81
R2LK 3001319<944> 6254682 19M7811370 K290S V460
RPA03 3001288<914> 6254679 21M7214330 K330S V360
RIA03 11S 6220086 21T7274320 K370S V290
49RP EX460 5-ST KP15 K400S V210
RPA07 4EP 10-ST KP20 K410K 15P
KRIA1 5EB 15-ST KP25 K450S 20P
RPA1 TF23 20-ST KP30 P156 30P
27V/KIT Liebherr 964 BF-2073 KP40 P160 40P
37V/KIT 10451139 BF-2886 XS40 P290 55P
47V/KIT 10451188 BF-3097 KP50 P330 65P
V13-V17 30P 2705-9014 FIAT HYUNDAI MTG
V18-V19 40P 2705-1020 2MF22P E161-3027 MTG10
V20PN 55P 2705-9010 2MF22R E161-3035 MTG20
V23 65P 2705-9012 2MF24P E262-5004 MTG30
V29 80P 2705-1022 2MF24R 61E7-0105 MTG40
V29-2 V700 2705-1021 2MF26P 66NB-31340 MTG55
V33 V71 2705-1034 2MF26R 61E5-11150 MTG65
V39 V81 2709-9015 2MF28P 61E5-11150 MTG80
V43 V460 2705-9008 2MF28R 61E5-11150 MTG125


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