High-Quality bulldozer track bolt and nut factory Pricelist

Product material: Steel 4.8/6.8/8.8/10.9/12.9 etc.
Surface treatment:Zinc plating, nickel plating, etc.
Processing Equipment: Cold head machine, etc.
Standard: DIN, GB, ISO, ANSI, BS, JIS, etc.


Track bolts and nuts are key components of the lower traveling devices of construction machinery such as excavators and are used to ensure a stable connection of crawler tracks and other components. These bolts and nuts need to withstand high tensile forces and are therefore often made from high-strength materials to provide adequate structural strength and durability.

There are many different specifications and models of track bolts and nuts on the market to suit different models and brands of excavators. When purchasing, you need to choose bolts and nuts that meet the excavator model and specification requirements to ensure good working performance and service life. At the same time, when installing and replacing track bolts and nuts, the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations should be followed to ensure correct installation and tightening strength to avoid problems such as loosening or damage.

For the excavator which do not usually do bigwork range excavating,extension arm is a goodselection.lt was assembled on original stickincrease the work range.lf no need,also veryconvenient for dismantling.

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We supply undercarriage parts including
Long arm and big arm/bucket cylinder I-shaped frame Connecting rod Horse head Big arm front fork Bushing Pin.

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