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Komatsu 14X-30-00113 Idler for machines model D65EX-12. It is a original Komatsu spare part.


Bulldozer track group can act as a shock absorber to help absorb the impact of equipment during travel and protect other parts of the equipment from damage by waves and vibrations. Track Roller is generally located at the bottom of the equipment to support the weight of the equipment and help the slide track contact the ground. Its design is directly related to the stability and mobility of the device. The design and arrangement of the middle rollers can be adjusted according to the weight of the equipment and the pressure it needs to withstand to ensure the overall balance of the slide track.

The material selection of the front idler and middle roller is very important. Bulldozer track group is made of high-strength steel to ensure good wear resistance and corrosion resistance while withstanding heavy pressure. Front idlers and intermediate rollers are not only widely used in mechanical equipment such as excavators and loaders, but they can also be found in smaller equipment such as snowmobiles and agricultural machinery.
When choosing bulldozer track group, there are multiple factors to consider, including the weight of the device, usage environment, work intensity, etc. Only after having an in-depth understanding of these factors can you choose the Front Idler and middle roller that best suits you.

What are the applications of bulldozer track group in agricultural machinery?

1.Rollers play an important role in straw cultivation and seed bed preparation. They can be used to help granulate, reconsolidate and level soil to accommodate a variety of tillage methods and cover cropping.
2. Soil leveling is an essential step in agriculture, where rollers are deployed to create even land surfaces for more efficient seeding and cultivation. This process helps to compact the soil and smooth out irregularities, resulting in easier farmland management and enhanced crop cultivation.
3.Reducing the collection of dirt and debris during the harvest is another benefit of using rollers. As they press the soil and level plant stubble, they minimize the likelihood of harvesting machinery coming into contact with the ground and debris, aiding in the protection of agricultural equipment and leading to a purer harvest.
4.The roller can increase the contact area between seeds and soil by fixing the soil around the seeds, allowing the seeds to grow better.
5.Using rollers, both before and after tilling and sowing, serves multiple purposes. They help break up and compress the soil, suppress weed growth, and create an optimal growing environment for crops.

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