High-Quality dozer track roller factory Pricelist

Product Name: Track Roller
Material: 50mn/40mnb
Colour: Black ,Grey ,Yellow
Surface Hardness: 52-58 HRC
Weight: 20-50kg or Customized
Hardness Depth: 8-12mm or Customized


Introduction to track rollers
The track roller is one of the chassis accessories of the crawler crane. Its function is to transfer the weight of the excavator to the ground.

Excavator rollers and pusher rollers. Excavator rollers are generally made of black oil. The material of track crane rollers is mostly made of 35MN and 5OMN. The wheel surface is fired and the hardness reaches HRC48 or 57 to obtain good wear resistance.

When the excavator drives on uneven roads, the track roller will be affected by the impact force of the ground, so the load on the track roller is large. The working conditions are harsh, often exposed to dust, and sometimes soaked in muddy water, so good sealing is required. Rollers can be divided into single-sided rollers and double-sided rollers.

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Our advantages:
1. Use high-quality materials such as 50MNB to ensure wear resistance and long service life
2. Factory direct sales have an absolute price advantage, and there are no middlemen to make the difference.
3. Quality control and flaw detection technology, medium frequency heat treatment technology guarantee, high hardness, strength and toughness
4. Worry-free after-sales service. Improve pre-sales and after-sales services, respond quickly to quotations, and handle quality issues in a timely manner.

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