High-Quality excavator track plate Suppliers Quotes

Service life:≥ 2000Hours
Tensile strength:≥ 15MPa
Tearing will not be deformed:≤ 40%
Tear strength:≥ 350N/CM
Use temperature:≥ -20-150
Tearing tensile ratio:≥ 300%
Shore hardness:65 3ShA


Excavator Track Plate is an important part of the excavator. It is usually used to support and distribute the weight of the excavator, as well as to ensure the stability and operating performance of the excavator on uneven or soft ground. The design and manufacturing of excavator track plates has an important impact on the overall performance and life of the excavator.

Excavator track plates are usually made of high-strength materials, such as steel or special alloys, to withstand the weight of the excavator and various challenges in the working environment. These track plates are usually thick and strong enough to disperse the pressure of the excavator on the ground and reduce the damage to the ground by the excavator.

In addition to bearing weight and dispersing pressure, excavator track plates also need to have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance to cope with the erosion of mud, stones, moisture and other corrosive substances in the working environment. At the same time, the design of the track plate also needs to take into account compatibility and interchangeability with other parts of the excavator to facilitate maintenance and replacement.

Please note that specific excavator track plate specifications, materials and designs may vary based on different excavator models, manufacturers and usage environments. Therefore, when selecting and using excavator track plates, it is recommended to refer to the excavator manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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