High-Quality shantui lower roller factory Pricelist

Track rollers support the weight of excavators and bulldozers and allow the crawlers to travel along the wheels. Generally the rollers use 45# steel, 40Mn2 and other materials. Going through the casting and forging process, heat-treated treatment, the rollers hardness is about about HRC38, so that the rollers increase the wear resistance of the wheel surface.


GT, as a prominent manufacturer and supplier, provides high quality shantui lower roller to ensure your machine runs smoothly and efficiently. Shantui lower roller as a critical part of the undercarriage, each lower roller is precision engineered to ensure they maintain track alignment and reduce overall wear on the machine. GT’s shantui lower roller is constructed from materials selected for strength and durability to withstand the rigors of any job site. The emphasis on quality materials and craftsmanship means the GT’s lower rollers deliver superior performance over time.

If you want to buy a better accessory. The first thing you can consider is GT. We have 20 years experience on exporting to over 128 countries and regions.More than 200+ types,5000+ specification of different kinds of machinery spare parts.

Why shantui lower roller is your first choice

1.Wide application:GT’s accessories are not only designed to contact the track, but also provide support when the equipment tips over to ensure the stability of the equipment.
2.Uniform pigment distribution:During the painting process, GT can provide more uniform pigment distribution, thereby improving the efficiency and effect of the paint.
3.Improved efficiency and performance:High-quality GT accessories allow you to use less paint and have a smoother bottom, improving fuel efficiency and speed.
4.Easy to operate:It is more convenient to use GT accessories, and it can maintain good operating results even in complex environments.
5.Important components:In many machines and equipment, #5 acts as an important component, such as in sliding door systems, the Track Roller/Bottom Roller acts as a stabilizer to help maintain the door’s position.

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